Do Over

Ruby rolled her eyes at Mick’s question.
“Come on, guys, remember where we are,” she said. “We are in a video game—a very immersive video game, but still a video game.
“The queens are boss-level characters,” she said. “The mob is an unnamed character. Sure, they’re good at taking on the unnamed guards, but against the queens, they’d be a snack, and not a very filling one at that. It’s up to us.
“Me and Ronnie will take them head-on,” she said. “Mick, take care of Shelly and Mouse—especially Mouse because he could be the key to this whole thing.”
All eyes turned to the diminutive weapons valet.

Mick looked at Mouse with a look of concern. He wondered what Ruby was up to in her crazy little mind. He noticed she was really embracing the whole Avatar lifestyle out of all of them. Granted he did like being the Croc Hunter but there many times he was scared of situations he was in. Many times he forgot he was a game character till his reflexes took over.

Mick: Yah mayn hiiem?

You mean him?

“Him?” said Shelly.
“Me?” said Mouse.
“Yes, you,” Ruby said, going to him and placing her hands on his shoulders.
His eyes immediately went to her chest.
She placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head so they were looking each other in the eye.

Mick also looked at Ruby's chest for a moment but when she lifted Mouse's head he instinctively looked up at her face out of concern for his life. Ruby was a like a beautiful Rose that had plenty of thorns for the unlucky ones.

“I really need you to focus here, Mouse,” she said. “What you do could determine whether we win or we die.
“I’m betting the queens are good fighters,” she said. “Me and Ronnie are good too, but there could come a point where they have us on the ropes. The guards could’ve beaten down the mob and are trying to get into the throne room, and it’s all Mick could do to hold them back. That’s when it’s all on you.”
“Stop it!” Shelly said. “He can’t handle that kind of pressure, he’s just a 14-year-old boy!”
“And I’m a 12-year-old girl,” Michelle said. “Anyway Mouse, what I need you to do is pull out a boom box that plays ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ by Big Mountain on an endless loop.”

Mick was quickly reminded he was checking out a 12 year old girl. Being 15 years old he felt a bit weird checking her out so much. Being a coward before females he knew better than to saying anything out loud or doing anything without permission since Ruby could probably hurt him if angered.

“I’ve never heard of that song,” Mouse said.
“Me neither,” said Michelle. “But Ruby has, and she loves it more than any other. If you think she’s tough now, play that song; she could probably take on Superman.”
“Who’s Superman?” Mouse asked.
Ruby just stared at him.

As Ruby stared at Mouse with intensity, Mick aka Jack did his best to try to recall the song in question. He thought he had heard of the name before since his folks like old people music and some of the Marvel movies he saw had old people songs in them as well. Of course his folks hated it when he referred to their music as old people music.

After staring at Mouse for a few seconds, Ruby shook her head as if to clear it.
“Forget about that, just focus on playing the song if I need you to,” she said.
“What’s a good time for me to do it?” he asked. “I don’t want to start too early.”
“Well, Ronnie and I will be badly hurt,” she said. “The queens will be standing over us, and one of them will probably say something like, ‘Any last words?’ Right then would be a good time.”
“Got it,” he said.
“Okay,” she said to the group. “Everybody ready?”
“No,” said Shelly.
“All right, let’s go,” she said and kicked open the throne room doors.

Mick gave a crooked smile as Ruby and Ronnie kicked the doors open like they were action movie stars. He was impressed by their teamwork, especially since they were about to kill each other not to long ago.

The throne room was as large and opulent as Ruby thought it would be. At the far end, sitting regally on thrones set well above the floor were the queens.
Michelle felt an overwhelming compulsion to fall to her knees and grovel before them but fought it off.
But apparently Shelly didn’t, because he fell to his knees.
“My Queens!” he said.

Mick looked at Shelly as if she passed gas in the middle of a church sermon and grimaced. He couldn't believe the overprotective mother who was rambling on and on about keeping her son safe was on her knees begging the Double Mint Queens for Mercy. Now Mick who was a 15 year old Jack inside had seen enough movies to know begging a tyrant for mercy usually ended badly for anyone. Usually the tyrant liked to make an example out of the weak and this time there were two bodacious tyrants. Mick felt a bit conflicted since he did find the two Queens very attractive since they reminded him of a certain large chested lady in a revealing black dress who came on tv during Halloween. However he couldn't betray his allies since they needed save Jumanji as a team or they would be stuck here for who knows how long. Then he looked at the twins and gave a charming smile which only had a small effect on them as they puffed their chests out as if to taunt him.

“At least one of you knows your place,” one of them said.
“He is the most weak-willed of them,” the other said.
“Ronnie, it is not too late for you mother and sister,” the first one said. “Lay down your weapon and kneel. Beg for our forgiveness, and we will spare their lives.”
Ronnie glared at them, clenching her ax so hard her knuckles were white.
“Never again,” she said.
“This is what happens when we’re too lenient, sister,” the second one. “The rabble thinks themselves better than us.”
“Quite right, sister,” said the first one.
They rose from their thrones in perfect unison and strode towards the others.
“Fisticuffs it is,” said the second one.

Then the twin Queens jumped forward like acrobats and as they landed they reached into their cleavage and pulled out a short sword (18 in long) each. Mick was very surprised as he wondered how they managed to pull those swords out. Ruby armed with nunchucks and Ronnie armed with a short battle axe wasted no time attacking the twin Queens armed with short swords. As they fought it looked like a well choreographed fight as they moved fast with a lot of agility.

Mick on the other hand had to stop watching the fight as he turned to Mouse who was still hypnotized by the fight scene. He ignored Shelly who was still groveling on the floor.

Mick: Hy meowse we nayd yah t' focus on foindin a boombawx weeth thaht sawng.

Hey Mouse we need you to focus on finding a boombox with that song.

Mouse: Huh? What song?

Mick: Yah remembah roigh'?

You remember right?

Mouse: I'm sorry I forgot.

Mick: Tyke ih' aysy mahn. just tyke a dayp brayth and relahx. Naow remembah whaht ruby tawld yah.

Take it easy man. Just take a deep breath and relax. Now remember what Ruby told you.

Mouse: But....?

(insert Ruby and Ronnie's fight here)

Suddenly several guards attacked Mick before he could say any more. Mick wasted no time whipping out his large knife and fighting off the minion guards. Mick went to town with his large knife as he took down one guard after another. Being a croc hunter and bar room fighter, Mick had very good skills in his fight. Mouse was in hysterics as he struggled to remember what Ruby told him as his mom in the body of Shelly was crying in hysterics. Mick figured they really were related by their behavior.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see that neither Ruby or Ronnie were getting an edge over the twin queens. Then he saw a guard running to aid the twin Queens with his spear. The guard was planning to attack Ruby from behind with a spear and Mick was not cool with that. After flipping a guard into another guard, Mick then reached into his back belt and pulled out the boomerang he got from Mouse and hurled it at the backstabbing guard with amazing accuracy. Then Mick ducked as another guard tried to hit him in the face with an axe only to miss and get stabbed in the gut with a bowie knife.

(insert Ruby and Ronnie's fight here)

Mick used a cool move where he kicked the leg out from one guard and tossed the fallen guard into a few other guards to trip them out. Then Mick looked at Mouse for a moment and yelled to him.

Mick: Foind the bloody sawng!!

Find the bloody song!!

Mouse panicked as he began pulling random things from the backpack. He pulled out a baby doll followed by a road sign labeled "Highway 45".

Mouse: I'm working on it!!

Mouse scrambled to find a boom box in his back pack of plenty. He pulled out a banana, an umbrella, a big back of pistachios and finally a boom box. Mick saw Mouse finally found a boom box.

Mick: Push plie!!

Push play!!

Mouse scrambled to examine the old 80's style boombox since he had never used one before. He usually had USB and MP3 technology at his house. Then by chance he saw the "PLAY" button and took a chance and pushed the button. Then a song came on and it sounded odd. The loud music made everyone pause as they all looked at Mouse who had a sheepish yet clueless expression.

CCSong on Boom Box 1

(insert Ruby and Ronnie's fight here)

Mouse: Wrong song?

Several people yelled out "YES!!" Mouse then fumbled again into his backpack to find a new cassette with the right song on it. He pulled out a pineapple, a steering wheel and a bag of marbles which he tossed over his shoulder next to the bag of pistachios he tossed earlier. Ironically when the marble bag hit the bag of pistachio nuts they both popped open and scattered all over the floor making a huge mess. No normally this would be a bad thing, but in a simple twist of fate it was a blessing as a few guards trying to attack Mouse from behind slipped on the marbles and nuts with intensity and landed square on their heads. The impact was loud and promptly knocked them out cold.

Mouse of course was so panicked he had no clue he just took out three guards by accident. Once again he pulled out many random items like toothpaste, a tire iron, a bicycle horn and a cassette tape. After fumbling around he managed to eject the cassette tape and put in the new tape as he smiled as he played the song.

GGSong on Boom Box 2

(insert Ruby and Ronnie's fight here)

Then his smile soon faded as he realized it was the wrong song again. He scrambled once again to find a cassette with the song Ruby wanted. Of course being panicked he had trouble remembering the name of the song. After finding a new cassette he switched out the song with another and gave a hopeful smile.

CLSong on Boom Box 3

(insert Ruby and Ronnie's fight here)

The Queens laughed and mocked Mouse as he played music while everyone was fighting. Then they mocked Shelly for being a coward and begging even though they were going to execute him anyway. Mick wanted to help Mouse but he had his hands full keeping the main guards off him.

Mick: Meowse kayp at ih'!!

Mouse keep at it!!

Then Shelly looked up and saw her son scrambling to find the song in his giant backpack. Shelly looked to see Ruby, Ronnie and Mick were fighting off the guards to protect the both of them. Then another guard tried to sneak up from behind to attack her/his son Mouse. Suddenly her Mama Bear instinct kicked in and she/he picked up the tire iron on the floor and flung it at the guard. Sadly Shelly thru like a wimp and missed as the guard mocked him/her. Then Shelly tried to throw the pineapple and missed again but ironically it busted open and the guard slipped on the fruity slush and smacked his head really hard as he lay out cold on the stone floor. Shelly was shocked to see she/he won a fight. Shelly then began to throw the random things on the floor at the guards. While defending his/her son she/he yelled to Mouse.

Shelly: For crying out loud the song is "Baby, I Love Your Way" by Big Mountain!

Mouse listened to his mother in a man's body and reached into the bag to find a new cassette. Feeling brave he put it into the boom box and played the song. He held his breath with anticipation as the song began to play. he hoped he was playing the right song this time.

Song on Boom Box 4

(insert Ruby and Ronnie's fight here)


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