The Scenic Route

The creature swung at her, and she, keeping time with the beat, stepped out of its way.
To a rational mind, it made no sense. The song’s rhythm was far too slow to be an effective fight song, and she was moving at the exact same pace, yet somehow she was just fast enough to evade the creature’s attacks while landing all of her own.
But the attacks seemed to have little effect, and she knew she had to find something big to hit it with.
Still moving in perfect time to the beat, she led the creature towards one of the room’s many pillars.
It slashed at her with all four swords, and she hurled herself into the air, landing on the pillar and running up it as all four swords slashed through it, causing it to fall and land right on the creature.
As for Ruby, she jumped off the pillar as it fell, landing on the ceiling and somehow holding herself there for a second in defiance of all laws of nature. She then launched herself at the creature, which had just lifted the pillar off itself.
Her punch struck it squarely between the eyes, knocking it out, and the song ended.
“That’s why you lost,” she said to the fallen monster. “You got no soul.”

Mick had just finished off the last guard as he turned to see Ruby defeat the Monster Twin combo with a dazzling punch to the face. He smirked as he was deeply impressed by her heroic moves. Mouse of course had his jaw dropped and looked like the catch of the day at an all you can eat sushi bar. Shelly was deeply relived her son Mouse was okay as she hugged him tightly despite him his protests.

Mick: Waell thy moigh' hahve bayn two saexy shaellahs in the begeennin, buh' thy gawt ugly rayl fahst.

Well they might have been two sexy ladies in the beginning, but they got ugly real fast.

Mouse: Tell me about it. I'm gonna have nightmares about this.

Mouse managed to pry away from Shelly his mom for a bit to look at Mick.

Mouse: What now?

Mick: Waell as Oy cahn figooah we nayd t' tie up thaht baysty and puh' ih' in the dungeon aw somewheah thy cahn't be a prawblem anymoah.

Well as I can figure we need to tie up that beasty and put it in the dungeon or somewhere they can't be a problem anymore.

Mouse gave it some thought before he searched his backpack and pulled out some heavy prison chains with neck, hand and foot manacles.

Mouse: Something like this?

Mick looked at Mouse with a charming smile as he nodded. Shelly on the other hand blushed as she looked at Mick. She really was attracted to him when he smiled. Mouse on the other hand was happy to be of use without being yelled at for a change. Mick took the chains from Mouse and slung them over his shoulder.

Mick: Thaht'll do meowse. Thaht'll do meowse.

That'll do Mouse. That'll do Mouse.

Mick then approached Ruby who looked a bit worse for the wear as he tipped his hat at her and gave her a charming smiled which again made her cheeks red.

Mick: Thiies eow'ta kayp thiies baysty eow' of trouble faw a biieh'.

This outta keep this beasty out of trouble for a bit.

Mick then tried to put the chain shackles on the twin monster but struggled to get the neck manacle on and accidently knocked off a large jeweled and golden necklace that the beast was wearing. Suddenly the beast turned back into the twin Queens.

Mick: Naow yah daon't say thaht very often.

Now you don't see that very often.

Mick was a bit shocked by this and made the connection of the necklace and the beast mode power of the twins. So he picked up the necklace and put it into his back pocket just in case. Then he found it much easier to put the shackles on the twin Queens and made sure all the locks worked before stepping away. After he stepped back he heard Ruby snicker and it was then he realized he messed up putting the shackles on the twins. Normally when wearing them, the prisoners would be able to stand up with their arms in front and could only shuffle to walk. However after Mick was done the twins looked more like an exhibitionists as they lay on their stomachs in tangled chains as her arms and legs were pressed into their backs in a painful manner. Mick considered fixing it but then he realized he never got a key from Mouse. Figuring it was not worth fixing he picked up a couple of cloths from the ground and used them to gag the twins before they could wake up. Then he nodded as he rubbed his chin.

Mick: Thaht eow's do ih'.

That outs do it.

Seeing that Ronnie didn't make it was a bit saddening, but they managed to defeat the twin bosses of the Lost City of Gold. Then they were interrupted by the twin Queens who woke up and were very unhappy. Of course they didn't have time to mourn since the freed slaves came in took the twins away to the dungeons and celebrated their victory over their oppressors. Just like in a movie they picked up Ruby, Mick, Mouse and Shelly and carried them around for a victory lap to the main feast hall where they saw a huge spread of food on the massive long table. Now this was odd since it just so happened to be ready to eat, but the locals told them the Queens were planning to have a celebration after capturing the players. So hoping to not kill the mood they joined the locals in the feast.

Seeing as Ruby was in bad shape Mouse managed to find a first aid kit and a new set of identical clothing for her to change into while everyone was moving into the feast hall. Then the head villager raised a glass and made a long dragged out boring speech about how oppressed they were before the Queens took over and forced them to build a city of gold and serve the as slaves till the brave heroes came to free them. Now they will rebuild their lives and homes once again and wish joy and happiness to the heroes. Mick and Mouse struggled to smile and stay awake during the long speech. Luckily Ruby came back all cleaned up in time for the toast of water in a gold cup.

The players then mingled with the locals for a bit but they only seemed to have limited things they could say so it got boring after a bit. Feeling hungry after a big battle the players ate their fill and socialized a bit. Mouse liked being a hero for once and was very happy. Mick was just rolling with the hero bit since he did feel like an action hero for a change. He looked at Ruby and smiled before tipping his hat to her.

Mick: Yah weah awesome theah ruby.

You were awesome there Ruby.

Mouse: You sure were. I mean wow you totally took that monster down.

Then Mick looked at Mouse and handed him the jeweled necklace he got from the twins.

Mick: Puh' thaht in yoah pahck. Oy theenk the tweens use ih' t' tuhn intao thaht mawnstah.

Put that in your pack. I think the twins use it to turn into that monster.

Mouse: Really? Okay.

Mouse took the necklace and put it into his backpack and felt a warm feeling on his arm. He looked at the inside of his forearm and saw he now had three bars again. he got excited and tapped Mick to show him.

Mouse: Look guys I got third bar again.

Mick: Haow in the wohld diied thaht hahppen?

How in the world did that happen?

Mouse: When I put that necklace in my bag I felt a warm feeling in my arm.

Mick: Funny Oy faelt the syme thing whaen Oy bayt thaht psychao huntah.

Funny I felt the same thing when I beat that psycho hunter.

Mouse: Maybe because it was a game item like the diamond.

The group thought about it and agreed that Mouse could get extra lives by collecting special game items and Mick could gain extra lives by defeating a boss. They wondered how Shelly and Ruby could regain extra lives and decided to keep an eye out for good opportunities. After things settled down they stayed in the city over night and got ready in the morning to head out.

Shelly was annoyed a bit as she/he had to read the map and point the way. Mick being a hunter took the lead to make sure they didn't get ambushed as they headed in the direction of the main mission. As they headed deep into the jungle again they followed Mick as he hacked a trail for them through the plants and led them away from dangerous areas. Now and then he would kill a wild animal or two when it tried to do a sneak attack on them.

Then tension was building as the players were hot and tired from a long trek in the jungle. Then as they were coming to a clearing their saw what seemed to be a path forward. They were in a good mood and cheered themselves on a bit before they heard something with sounded like bugs buzzing. As the looked around they couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. Then Mouse pulled a pair of binoculars from his pack to get a better look and dropped his jaw as he pointed and shouted.

Mouse: Oh no!! NOT AGAIN!!

Mick: Whaht is ih'?

What is it?

Mouse handed Mick the binoculars so he could see a large number of armed road warrior vehicles heading straight for them.

Mick: Aww Crikey!! Weah in trouble. Hayd thaht why!!

Aww Crikey!! Were in trouble. Head that way!!

Mick pointed at the direction for them to run at. As they ran Mick told Ruby and Shelly that the men coming after them were in old vehicles with weapons on them and there were a lot of them. So the used the jungle to help hide them as they ran hard for the direction Mick was leading them to. As they ran for their lives they could hear the sound of the motors getting closer an closer. Then as they all looked back to see how close the attackers were they failed to noticed they ran off a cliff. Naturally they all screamed for various reasons as they fell a good ten feet into the sand and rolled down hill for a bit before stopping. Sadly the sand managed to get into every uncomfortable nook and cranny they had. As they looked around they saw a few dune buggy's not to far away, only a few of them were in decent shape while the rest looked destroyed. Then they turned back as they heard the sound of the engines approaching them from behind.

(Decide on how Ruby and Shelly get extra lives when you want. Ruby just defeated a Boss so that could work for her if you want an extra bar on her arm. Also feel free to add your new character you mentioned)

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