Fast & Frightening AKA Desert Chase Part 1

Michelle looked around and saw a four-seated dune buggy nearby.

“Come on, everybody in!” she yelled and jumped in the driver’s seat.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Alice said. “I’m the only one old enough to drive!”

“And you’ll drive so slow your son could run faster than us,” Michelle said. “No way.”

Alice’s retort was cut off by a burst of machine gun fire.

The group all piled into the nearby dune buggy. Ruby got behind the wheel, with Alice next to her, Alex behind her, and Jack took the remaining seat.

Michelle turned the ignition key and the engine roared to life. She put the buggy in drive, slammed down the accelerator, and the buggy tore off, its engine roar only slightly louder than Alice’s scream.

Chase Song


“WHERE ARE THE SEATBELTS ON THIS THING?!” Alice shrieked, but everyone ignored her.

A quick look into the rearview showed the minions were right behind them, riding in a mix of motorcycles and dune buggies of their own.

One of them, braver than the rest, leaped from his buggy and landed on the roof. Holding on with one hand, he drew a knife and stabbed downward, just barely missing Michelle.

“Get this guy off!” she yelled as he stabbed down again, this time just missing Alex.

“Don’t you hurt my son!” Alice screamed, then grabbed the minion’s arm and bit him on his exposed wrist.

He yelled in pain, dropping the knife, but lashed out at Alice, striking her in the face.

“Leave my mom alone!” Alex yelled, digging into his backpack and pulling out a cattle prod.

He jabbed it into the minion’s stomach, causing him to yell in pain and let go.

He tumbled off the vehicle, landing in the sand right in front of a motorcycle, which ran into him, causing it to flip and throw off its rider.

The group cheered at the successful repulsion of the attack, but then the cheers turned into screams as Michelle jumped a dune, sending the buggy airborne.

It flew about 20 feet before landing with a THUD that nearly sent the group flying out of their seats.

Michelle kept the accelerator pressed down; they needed every ounce of speed the engine could provide, and the minions were still on their tail.


Through a lot of bobbing and weaving, Michelle kept the buggy from taking damage, but she knew they needed to head north.

“Shelly!” she yelled out. “Check the map!”

Alice did so, but it took a few seconds for her to get their bearings.

“We’re in the Empty Desert!” she yelled. “We need to head northwest to get to the village!”

“I think the minions might have other ideas!” Alex yelled, looking at the group that was off to their left.

“Okay, what’s ahead of us?!” Michelle yelled.

Alice looked over the map.

“Directly ahead is the Canyon of Doom, followed by the Impassable Gorge, and then more jungle!” she yelled.

“Okay, Canyon of Doom it is!” Michelle yelled.

“I don’t like the sound of it!” Alice yelled.

“You’re welcome to explain that to the minions!” Michelle yelled back.

“There it is!” Alex yelled, pointing straight ahead.

Ahead there looked to be a solid rock wall.

Michelle looked around. To the right was more rock walls and to the left was a cloud of minions.

She pressed the accelerator down further and the buggy shot ahead towards the wall.


A few seconds later, the wall filled their vision, and then Michelle saw it: a narrow crevice in the wall.

“There!” she yelled, pointing. “We can go through that!”

“It’s too narrow!” Alice yelled.

As much as Michelle hated to admit it, the helicopter mom was right; the crevice was too narrow. But then she saw a sloping rock just before the entrance, and a crazy idea popped into her head.

She pressed the accelerator down even further, and the buggy shot forward.

“TRUST ME!!!” she yelled before anyone could protest.

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