I Believe I Can Fly AKA Desert Chase Part 2

She hit the rock slightly off-center, sending the buggy onto two wheels, and it tore into the crevice with inches to spare.

She risked a look down and saw she was a foot from the crevice floor—if that—and she swore she could feel the adrenaline racing through her.

Reality then took hold.

While the minions in the buggies attempted to copy her maneuver, they failed, crashing into the entrance and blocking off their comrades, several motorcycles made it in and opened fire.

The narrow confines reduced their number of pursuers, but it also made them an easy target.

The buggy lurched as rounds from the motorcycles’ machine guns ripped into it, and now Michelle found herself praying for the exit.


Ten agonizing seconds later, they burst out of the crevice, the motorcycles right on their tail.

“The Impassable Gorge is straight ahead!” Alice yelled. “You might want to turn before that!”

Michelle spared a quick look around and saw nothing but more cliff walls. She looked ahead and saw another sloping rock, this one wide enough to accommodate the buggy.

An even crazier idea popped into her head, and a part of her acknowledged it was borderline suicidal.

She acknowledged it and then squashed it down; the only alternative was to stop and fight the minions, and while fun, wouldn’t be nearly as cool if her idea worked.

Alice, using the telepathy granted to all of her gender, figured out what Michelle intended to do and started shaking her head.

She even attempted to jump out, but Michelle pulled her back in.

“TRUST ME!!!” she screamed again.


The accelerator was pressed to the floor when they hit the rock, and a moment later they were airborne.

Jump Song

They were all screaming. Michelle was doing it out of exhilaration, while she was sure Alice and Alex were doing it out of terror. She hoped Jack was doing it out of exhilaration to balance things out.


She saw the opposite side come into view just as gravity re-established its dominance and began pulling the buggy down.

She instinctively knew it was going to be close.


The buggy landed just a few feet past the edge and disintegrated upon impact, sending the adventurers flying.

Michelle tucked herself into a ball and rolled, leaving her relatively unscathed.

She stood up, looked back at the gorge, and let out an exuberant whoop.

“Looks like the Impassable Gorge isn’t so impassable, eh?” she said jubilantly to the others.

“That’s it, that’s all you have to say?!” Alice yelled. “You nearly got us killed!”

“ ‘Nearly’, ” Michelle said, pointing out the key word.

Alice just shook her head.

“You’re more dangerous than anything else in here!” she said.

“So aren’t you glad I’m on your side?” Michelle said.

“It’s like talking to a brick wall,” Alice muttered to herself. “Come on, Alex, we’re walking the rest of the way there! I don’t care how long it takes!”

“That’s not a good idea,” Michelle said.

“Why not?” Alice said challengingly.

Michelle pointed to the sky, which had quickly gone from midafternoon to dusk.

“I think it would be a good idea if we camped for the night,” she said. “Anyone disagree?”

There was none.

“Okay, Alex, pull out a tent and some sleeping bags,” she said.

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