Thoughts By A Campfire

Michelle looked around and saw a four-seated dune buggy nearby.
“Come on, everybody in!” she yelled and jumped in the driver’s seat.
“Oh no, you don’t!” Alice said. “I’m the only one old enough to drive!”
“And you’ll drive so slow your son could run faster than us,” Michelle said. “No way.”
Alice’s retort was cut off by a burst of machine gun fire.
The group all piled into the nearby dune buggy. Ruby got behind the wheel, with Alice next to her, Alex behind her, and Jack took the remaining seat.
Michelle turned the ignition key and the engine roared to life. She put the buggy in drive, slammed down the accelerator, and the buggy tore off, its engine roar only slightly louder than Alice’s scream.

Jack aka Mick jumped into the back seat since he might have to fend off any attackers. The only experience he had with driving was go carts with his cousins a few times on family events and a few driving video games. He liked them but not as much as the RPG games her played more often. Of course before he could get seated in properly Michelle aka Ruby took off like a bat out of hades. Poor Jack was upside down with his feet up in the air as he struggled to turn around. Despite many bumps to his head he eventually managed to turn around and sit properly. While rubbing his head and holding his hat he saw Ruby driving like a professional race car driver and his mind drifted off unaware of the dangers around him as he was now in a day dream about Ruby.

Love Song

Jack was enamored by Ruby as she drove with such intense passion. In his mind she was moving slow as the wind flowed through her hair much like a hair care commercial. Then she looked at him and gave him a wicked smile that made his heart stop for a moment. At this point she was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and he was paralyzed before her majesty. Strangely enough he was completely oblivious to the minion on the roof trying to kill them. He also failed to see Shelly aka Alice and Mouse aka Alex manage to knock off the bandit, which cause a wreck behind them. Even the huge thud from the hard landing didn't wake Jack from his daydream as he just smiled like a love sick puppy at Ruby who was completely unaware of his actions.

Then as Ruby did yet another dangerous stunt all poor Jack could see was Ruby smiling at him with her flowing red hair as they flew thru the sky. The fact that many of their pursuers were destroyed Ruby's mad driving skills was not even a second thought to him as he was still enamored by her. Of course he was clueless about the minions in motorcycles still behind them and the fact that bullets were whizzing by his head. It was a miracle he was not shot during the entire time as Mouse and Shelly were ducking in their seat screaming, while Jack was smiling like a goofy love sick kid. Then as Ruby made her last insane canyon jump, Mick looked high as a kite as he smiled in his delusion of how he saw Ruby at the moment. of course then reality hit him hard as they crashed hard.

The buggy landed just a few feet past the edge and disintegrated upon impact, sending the adventurers flying.
Michelle tucked herself into a ball and rolled, leaving her relatively unscathed.
She stood up, looked back at the gorge, and let out an exuberant whoop.
“Looks like the Impassable Gorge isn’t so impassable, eh?” she said jubilantly to the others.
“That’s it, that’s all you have to say?!” Alice yelled. “You nearly got us killed!”
“ ‘Nearly’, ” Michelle said, pointing out the key word.

Poor Jack was ill prepared for the landing due to his "Delusional Daydream" about the unsuspecting Ruby Roundhouse. So when they landed he was ejected from his seat like a crash test dummy and flung into the air like a doll before he slammed into a large soft dune of sand. Only his legs below his knees were visible at this point as he was recovering from the impact. So it was easy to say he missed the majority of what had just happened as he woke up with sand in his face and a few other uncomfortable areas. Out of a deep need to breath again he managed to wiggle out of the sand tomb and shake himself off a lot as the sand fell off him. He then cleared out his ears and mouth before shaking off his hat and putting it back on. Then he wiped off the sand from his face as he heard Shelly and Ruby yelling at each other.

Alice just shook her head.
“You’re more dangerous than anything else in here!” she said.
“So aren’t you glad I’m on your side?” Michelle said.
“It’s like talking to a brick wall,” Alice muttered to herself. “Come on, Alex, we’re walking the rest of the way there! I don’t care how long it takes!”
“That’s not a good idea,” Michelle said.
“Why not?” Alice said challengingly.
Michelle pointed to the sky, which had quickly gone from midafternoon to dusk.
“I think it would be a good idea if we camped for the night,” she said. “Anyone disagree?”
There was none.
“Okay, Alex, pull out a tent and some sleeping bags,” she said.

Mick looked up and saw the way the sun was positioned and spit out some more sand from his mouth.

Mick: Crikey Oy gawt sahnd everywheah. Oh waell at layst we ahh steell aloive. Ruby is roigh' though. the sun is gaowin daown and the desuht is nawt syfe at noigh'. We ahh nayd t' cahmp heah faw the noigh' and move eow' in the mawnin. meowse we weell nayd some taents, fuyah wood, food and wottah if yah cahn. aftah we geh' the taents up Oy'll chaeck the area faw and praeduytoahs whoile yah geh' suppah raydy.

Crikey I got sand everywhere. Oh well at least we are still alive. Ruby is right though. The sun is going down and the desert is not safe at night. We are need to camp here for the night and move out in the morning. Mouse we will need some tents, fire wood, food and water if you can. After we get the tents up I'll check the area for and predators while you get supper ready.

Mick gave them a charming smile and of course

Mouse: Umm yeah tents and stuff.

Shelly wanted to argue but ended up swooning by Mick's smile. She felt embarrassed that it affected her so easily.

Mouse: Umm Mick?

Mick: Yeah?

Mouse: You're not upset about Ruby's driving?

Mick looked at Mouse then Shelly before looking at Ruby and shrugged with a smirk.

Mick: Naah. its ooll good. She gawt us eow' of a roigh' nahsty jahm she diied.

Naah. Its all good. She got us out of a right nasty jam she did.

Mouse looked a bit sheepish as he realized what Mick said.

Mouse: Oh...….

Mouse looked at Ruby and muttered to her.

Mouse: Sorry Ruby......and thank you.

Mick: Thaht's the spuht meowse. Naow abeow' those taents.

That's the spirt Mouse. Now about those tents.

Mouse then began pulling out some gear and found two desert tents which he and Mick set up while Shelly was trying to recover from her near death experience. Once the tents were set up Mouse managed to find some canteens full of water and some firewood so Mick could set up a campfire to keep them warm for the night. Mick then had Mouse dig in his pack till he could find blankets to help with the cold at night. Seeing as they needed to eat and rest up, Mick quickly ate a few of the fruits and beef jerky Mouse had in his pack along with the others. Then before the sun was setting Mick left them to check for snakes.

(Ruby can enter her post here)

Mick found a lot of sand and not much movement for a while till he stood still. Then he quickly whipped out his bowie knife and beheaded a long desert snake. He then moved on and killed a few more snakes and scorpions along the way before he had to kill off a few camel spiders. Mick referred to them as nasty buggers as he finished them off. Once the area was void of danger he made his way back to the camp an hour later when it was dark.

Mick: Sorry for the delay. I ran into some nasty wildlife out there. So if anyone has plans to use the "Leu", they may want to stick close to camp. Lots of poisonous critters out there.

Mick then sighed as he stared at the campfire. he had a lot on his mind and wasn't sure how to deal with all of it. It was not easy being a teen in a grown man's body, especially with croc hunting skills. He wanted everyone to get along but knew he was not the leader type. All he could do was support Ruby as much as he could.


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