First Times

After hunting several snakes and scorpions, Mick arrived as Mouse and Ruby were making smores. He smiled as he sat next to them and made one himself. It was amusing to see Mouse fail on the roasting the marshmallow part, but he respected his will to succeed.

Half an hour and five tries later, he made one to his satisfaction, and the first bite into was the best thing he had ever tasted, even better than the chocolate cake.
“I feel like dancing,” she said. “Who wants to dance with me?”
Alex nearly choked on his s’more and looked at Mick, who looked equally startled.
“Okay, I’ll decide,” she said. “Mick, I want to dance with you.”
She looked over at Alex.
“You just had your first s’more, I think that’s enough firsts for you tonight,” she said. “Put on some music, will you? Something slow.”

Mick smirked as he was put on the spot by the energetic but lovely Michelle aka Ruby Roundhouse. He really did want to dance with her but was worried about messing up since the real Mick was a fifteen year old boy named Jack who the definition of a nerdy dork. Being smaller than the other boys in his class didn't do much for his self esteem either. Then he looked at Mouse who made a sigh as if he was a bit jealous of Mick.

Mick: Yah heahd the lady. troy t' foind a slaow sawng if yah cahn. daon't wahnna wyke up yoah mum.

You heard the lady. Try to find a slow song if you can. Don't wanna wake up your mum.

Mouse: Yeah yeah.

Mouse then dug into his backpack and found a boom box and pulled out a few odd things including a box of Twinkies before he eventually found a boom box with a cassette player and pushed the button. He was afraid of what song was going to play since he was pushed the button blindly. Suddenly a slow song played from the boon box beginning with a soft piano melody.

Slow Song

Mick: Thaht weell do.

That will do.

Mouse smirked and shrugged at Mick. Then Mick stood up and dusted himself off before walking up to Ruby. He instinctively gave her a charming smile as he stopped before her and looked into her green eyes. They stared at each other for a moment as the song was picking up a bit more. Then there was an awkward moment where they tried to figure where to put their hands before dancing. Mouse chuckled at their awkwardness. However unknown to anyone else due to avoiding massive embarrassment, Jack was taught how to dance a bit by his mother. She hoped it would help him sweep a girl off her feet when he got older and more confident in himself.

Since he was unsure how much dancing experience Ruby had, Jack took the lead. He was still completely unaware of her being in a wheelchair since she only told him she was 12 and her real name was Michelle. So he had no idea what she really looked like and she had no idea what he really looked like either. However at this point they were their avatars and facing face to face while they slow danced. They simply swayed side to side as they slowly turned in a clockwise manner. The romantic music in the background really set the mood as they seemed to be oblivious of everything around them as they stared into each other's eyes.

Mouse watched them in awe as he instinctively reached into his pack and pulled out a tub of popcorn to eat while watching the romantic scene before him. Part of him was jealous and the other part was in awe. He wanted to be cool like Mick and get a girlfriend like Ruby. However he felt conflicted when she told him she was living in a wheelchair and enjoying her freedom in the world of Jumanji. He wondered if she had told Mick about her circumstances since she never told his mom who was snoring like a bear in the body of a fat man behind him. He wondered how Mick would feel when or if he found out. Would he still be into her or would he turn out to be a jerk like the arrogant cool guys in his school. As a victim of being bullied he was not fond of bullies.

While Mouse was in deep thought, Jack aka Mick was in the middle of a "Daydream" fantasy as he slow danced with Ruby aka Michelle. In his mind they were slow dancing while floating in the air and drifted above the land and the cities down below and then above the clouds. The man in the moon winked at them as they passed him by. A choir of angels were looking like they were the ones playing the song Mick and Ruby were dancing to. Then a flock of seagulls flew by and formed their flight pattern like that of a heart and flew around them making it look like they danced into heart of seagulls. Jack couldn't take his eyes off Ruby as he was entranced by her eyes. He was afraid to see this moment stop as he slowly got closer and closer to her.

As the song drew closer and closer to the end he felt his body betray him as he slowly moved his face towards Ruby's. While they swayed side to side he had on hand on her waist and the other held her hand. In his perspective, despite her being a "Killer of Men" he found her waist and hand to be soft and warm. He didn't want this moment to end, but knew all songs had an ending eventually. Then as the song was coming to an end, despite his fears of rejection his body betrayed him and he leaned into her and gently kissed her for a moment but it felt like an eternity to him. He envisioned her lips to be soft like warm marshmallows that melted on his lips.

He slightly opened his lips a bit to kiss again on instinct and it was at that moment he snapped out of his daydream and realized he was really kissing Ruby while Mouse was staring at them. The beautiful daydream quickly turned to reality and Jack was then overwhelmed by a barrage of mixed feelings as he found himself tongue-tied. He slowly ended the kiss and slowly backed away as he looked at Ruby unsure if he crossed the line.

Mick: Ummmm........sohry.......i guess Oy gawt cahroyd awhy. Playse daon't hiieh' aw keell me.

Ummmm……..sorry...….I guess I got carried away. Please don't hit or kill me.

Mick seemed awkward as he didn't know what to do with his hands. He was a nervous school boy standing in front a beautiful woman he had just kissed. He then turned to see Mouse smirking at his awkwardness while stuffing his face with popcorn. Mick gave a small nervous shrug at Mouse before looking at Ruby. He was unsure what to say or do as he couldn't find the words to deal with his situation. Then he saw the full they were standing before and then looked at his hand.

Mick: Oh would yah look at the toime. We nayd t' geh' some raest seence he hahve a lawng die tomohraow. waell thaen goodnoigh' fawlks.

Oh would you look at the time. We need to get some rest since he have a long day tomorrow. Well then goodnight folks.

It was obvious Mick was not wearing a watch as he looked nervous and rambling on about it being late. It was obvious it was his first kiss with a female and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. He then slowly backed away as he smiled nervously and headed for the tent.

Tag (Jack is in over his head. How will Michelle deal with him and the kiss?)

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