A New City?

Michelle was surprised and yet not surprised when Jack kissed her. Part of her had been hoping the music and close physical contact would spur him to do it, but at the same time really didn’t expect it to happen.
She saw in his eyes the idea forming, then as he leaned in, she closed her eyes and let it happen.
All things considered, it was nice, not that she had anything to compare it to; but it made her want to get kissed again, so she decided it was good.
He pulled back, and as she opened her eyes, she saw the fear in his.
“Sorry,” he said. “I guess I got carried away. Please don’t hit or kill me.”
She giggled. Boys could be so insecure some times.
She decided to have a little fun with him.
“On the downside, fireworks didn’t go off and angles didn’t sing,” she said with mock seriousness.
She held off for a few seconds, letting him dangle.
She said. “But then again, you didn’t shove your tongue down my throat or try to grab my butt. So all in all, it was good. I liked it. Maybe we can do it again some time?”
He lifted his arm and looked at his wrist as if checking the time, but he wasn’t wearing a watch.
“Oh, would you look at the time,” he said. “We need to get some rest since we have a long day tomorrow. Well then, good night folks.”
He ducked into the tent, and Michelle giggled again.
“Boys,” she said to herself, amused.
She looked over at Alex, who was grinning ear to ear as he shoveled popcorn into his mouth.
“I don’t know what you’re so happy about,” she said.
She leaned in close to him and whispered, “Tomorrow night, I’m kissing you.”
Alex spat out his popcorn.
She giggled and made her way to the tent.
“Boys,” she said.

After entering his tent in a panicked state, Jack lay on his back and rubbed his face as he sighed. He muttered to himself how uncool he was running away from a girl. Granted she wasn't mad and she said she liked the kiss she still looked at him like he was a mouse and she was a cat. Poor Jack was torn by his mixed feelings. He really liked Ruby's body with Michelle's mind, but deep down inside he knew it wasn't so simple. Ruby's body was fake and Michelle was a real girl whom he had never met before. He wondered what would be the best way to handle the kiss tomorrow when he had to see her again.

Being an insecure scrawny nerdy did not help his lack of confidence in this situation and oddly enough it didn't compare to his ability to hunt dangerous wildlife or beat down some minions. At the end of the day he was still a fifteen year old kid who was very new to the world of girls. It both excited and pained him that his first crush was only half real. No matter now fun and cool Michelle was she was, he knew she would not look like Ruby, especially since she was only twelve years old. After a bit of tossing and turning he managed to get to sleep.

Mouse on the other hand was very confused by Micelle's last comment of him being her next kissing partner. In his head he thought she liked Jack in Mick's body since he was the cool Aussie Croc Hunter. However seemed to like seeing Mick looking like a scared boy who scurried off to his tent. Luckily he didn't choke to hard on his popcorn when she caught him off guard. After he found himself alone he put his popcorn back into his pack and headed to his tent. As he lay down he moaned a bit as he contemplated his day. He had experienced a lot with Jack and Michelle as well as his over protective mother. He wondered if he could one day get his mother to let him experience life for himself without interfering all the time. As he tried to ponder his future he slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next day Mick was up early as he crawled out of the tent and yawned a bit. He put on his hat and saw the sun peaking from the horizon before he smirked. Then he pulled out his large knife and proceeded to hunt some snakes down. After hunting four large desert snakes he made his way back to the camp and skinned the snakes. Seeing the left over metal skewers from the night before he used them to put the snake meat on them before cooking it on the campfire. He had no idea how he could hut or cook like this but it felt natural to him.

Mouse eventually woke up and peeked out his tent.

Mouse: Are you cooking?

Mick: Yayh. oh good toimin meowse. Chaeck yoah pahck faw some fuyjita saysoneengs weell ya?

Yeah. Oh good timing Mouse. Check your pack for some fajita seasonings will ya?

Mouse was still a bit slow on the draw as he tried to understand the Aussie in the early morning.

Mick: Oh and some cawffay would be good too.

Oh and some coffee would be good too.

Mouse: Uh sure.

Mouse slowly dug in his pack while still in his tent till he could find the seasoning and a camping coffee kit which included an aluminum coffee pot with four cups and a bag of coffee grounds. He then showed them to Mick as he spoke up.

Mouse: You mean this?

Mick: Hmmm yayh, good jawb mite. Thiies Oy'll be daown in a moment. If nawt yah cahn foind some tweenkoys in yoah pahck aw somethin.

Hmmm yeah, good job mate. This I'll be down in a moment. If not you can find some Twinkies in your pack or something.

Mouse: Yeah I might just do that.

Mouse then began to look in his pack for Twinkies and then realized he had already pulled a box out earlier. He looked at the pack and chuckled as he felt silly for realizing it to late. Camping was a new experience for him so he was very slow on the situation especially at daybreak. However he did find the smell of fresh coffee appealing some how. After cleaning up his mess he made his way out of his tent and sat opposite of Mick who looked like pro outdoorsman cooking snake skewers and coffee over a campfire.

Mick: Slayp waell?

Sleep well?

Mouse: Meh. It's weird sleeping outside. My mom would never let me camp before.

Mick: Yayh Oy cahn say thaht. Must be tuff hahvin hah cawntrawl yoah loife huh?

Yeah I can see that. Must be tough having her control your life huh?

Mouse: Yeah but there is not much I can do about it.

Mick: True.

It wasn't long before the coffee pot whistled which meant it was ready so Mick pulled it away from the fire and poured four cups for everyone. Seeing as black coffee was very bitter he pulled out some sugar and cream packs and put them in a bowls for everyone. Mick sipped the hot coffee and smiled as he felt alive. Then Mouse almost made him snarf.

Mouse: So how do you plan to face Ruby?

Mick coughed a bit and wiped his chin as he looked at Mouse with a glare for bringing up the subject. In all reality he was far from prepared to answer that question and merely shook his head on the matter.

Mick: Nawt shooah. Oy guess Oy'll plie ih' boy ear, buh' Oy hahve a faylin she weell tayse me faw a whoile.

Not sure. I guess I'll play it by ear, but I have a feeling she will tease me for a while.

Mouse: Yeah girls love teasing when they are not bossing us around.

Mick sighed and nodded as he didn't want to say anything out loud.

Mouse: So are you two close?

Mick: Nahh. Oy maeh' hah a few hours befoah Oy maeh' yah and yoah mum. Ooll Oy knaow is hah rayl nyme is meechaelle and she is a fuyahcrahckah.

Nah. I met her a few hours before I met you and your mum. All I know is her real name is Michelle and she is a firecracker.

Mouse: So you don't know anything else about her?

Mick rubbed his chin for a bit as he pondered the question in his head. After a moment he looked at Mouse and spoke up.

Mick: Oh yayh.....she maentioned she was twaelve too.

Oh yeah.....she mentioned she was twelve too.

Mouse looked at Mick as he knew something Mick didn't. He wasn't sure how to bring it up that Michelle told him she was in a wheelchair and that was why she was so gung ho. On one side he felt it was important to keep it a secret for Michell's sake and on the other hand he didn't want Jack to get the wrong idea if he liked her.

Mouse: So do you like her?

Mick almost choked again as Mouse asked a big question. It took a minute to clear his throat and swallow his food. Then Mick drank some coffee help him clear his throat. Then he looked at Mouse who seemed very concerned about the topic.

Mick: Its hahd t' sie.

Its hard to say.

Mouse: Why?

Mick: Waell she is fun, excitin and supah tuff, buh' thaht is only hahf true.

Well she is fun, exciting and super tough, but that is only half true.

Mouse: How so?

Mick: Seence we ahh ooll usin avuytahs, ih' mayns hahf of whaht we ahh is a loy. Oy'm just a feeftayn yeah old nuhdy dohk in moy fuhst yeah of hoigh school. Oy mie be able t' hunt duyngerous crawcs in thiies gyme as meeck dunday, buh' theah is nao why Oy could do thaht in rayl loife. Oy am nawt good at spohts aw eow'door stuff and Oy am shooah nawt populah weeth guhls sao whoile ih' was noice t' keess someone loike ruby, Oy knaow ih' was nawt cawmpletely rayl.

Since we are all using Avatars, it means half of what we are is a lie. I'm just a fifteen year old nerdy dork in my first year of high school. I may be able to hunt dangerous crocs in this game as Mick Dundee, but there is no way I could do that in real life. I am not good at sports or outdoor stuff and I am sure not popular with girls so while it was nice to kiss someone like Ruby, I know it was not completely real.

Mouse: That makes sense. So what if she likes you for real? What then?

Mick: Thaen Oy theenk she weell be sorely deesappointed whaen she mayts the rayl me.

Then I think she will be sorely disappointed when she meets the real me.

Mouse stuffed a Twinkie into his mouth to avoid saying anything else. It was clear Jack had no confidence at all without his Aussie Avatar. Since it was already to awkward he decided to drop the topic and change the subject.

Mouse: So why do you know how to cook? I don't remember seeing it in your skill set.

Mick: Not sure really. It just came natural. Maybe its part of being Mick's character. Did you want some snake?

Mouse cringed at the thought of eating snake. It was to large of a jump for his poor mind. The he looked at the skin and recognized the snake and a lot of information flooded his brain on the topic.

Mouse: The sidewinder, also known as the horned rattlesnake and sidewinder rattlesnake, is a venomous pit viper species belonging to the genus Crotalus cerastes and is found in the desert regions. The sidewinder reaches speeds of up to 18MPH. Most adults are 50–80 cm (19.5–31.5 in) in length. The females are larger than the males, which is unusual for this group of snakes.

Mouse put his hand on his mouth as he realized what he said.

Mouse: Why do I know that?

Mick: Prawlly cause yoah chuyrahctah is a zoologeest.

Prolly cause your character is a Zoologist.

Mouse: Oh yeah......I kind of forgot about that.

Mick: Yayh syme heah. Whaen Oy foind myself huntin the woyldloife Oy saym t' knaow exahctly haow t' hunt thaem and wheah thaeh wayknaesses are.

Yeah same here. When I find myself hunting the wildlife I seem to know exactly how to hunt them and where their weaknesses are.

The guys chatted a bit more till Ruby and Shelly came out of their tents.

(Insert Ruby and Shelly here for breakfast)

After breakfast they had Shelly use the map to guide them to the next village or city. Seeing as they had a long walk ahead of them, they had Mouse provide canteens full of water and some vitamin water as well. Eventually they were able to see a desert city in the distance. After Mouse pulled out some binoculars they saw the village had no guards or minions in it. However there were a lot of grown ups with a grim appearance and no sign of children which was odd. Seeing as it was the next stop on the map they asked Shelly to look at the map for clues and she saw some writing appear on the map.

Enter thy city of Kale and end thy curse, then return thy treasure to the people of course.


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