A Bridge Too Far

As Michelle led the way up the ledge, she was painfully aware of her exposed position.

When she had been a servant of the Thuggee, she could see and hear what was going on around her, but she could not control Ruby.

Even worse was her outfit.

With her in the lead, Alex had a perfect view of her butt and so did Alice, whom she could only assume was growing angrier by the second.


When they reached the top of the cliff face, she looked around and saw nothing but a bridge leading to the other side.

“This is getting rather old,” she said to Alex. “Will you please hand me my regular clothes?”

“What’s the matter?” Alice sneered. “Got tired of trying to seduce my son?”

Michelle bit back an angry retort; nothing good would come of it.

Alex pulled out her clothes and she put those on while removing the spiked gauntlets and shin guards. She had hoped to change out of the underwear she was in, but there was no place for her to do it in private.


As she finished putting on her gloves, there was a rustling in some nearby bushes and three sword-wielding Thuggee leaped out.

“You two, get across the bridge—now,” she said, dropping into a fighting stance.

The Thuggee charged her and she ran towards them, cartwheeling between them at the last second.

She landed and then launched a roundhouse kick just as they turned around, knocking them all down.

She dropped on one and punched him in the back of the head, knocking him out, and then rolled away from the other two as they regained their footing and swung their swords at her.


Alex and Alice made their way across the bridge, though their progress was slow.

Part of it was due to Mouse’s slow speed, the other was due to them nearly falling through several boards that broke beneath them.

They finally made it across, and they shared weary smiles with each other—they were safe.

At least, until Rola Mamsu and a horde of Thuggee stepped out from the nearby shrubbery.


Back on the other side, Michelle had knocked out another Thuggee and had chased off the other one, but he quickly returned with a horde of his comrades, forcing her to fall back into a defensive position.

She knocked out half a dozen, but they were replaced by twice as many, forcing her slowly back due to sheer weight of numbers.

That was when Jack finally made it to the top of the cliff.

“Jack!” she yelled. “Get across the bridge! I’ll cover you!”

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