What Do The 5 Toes Say To The Face?

Sadly since Mick went last he ended up on the other side of the heroes as the water burst through the hole. Mick yelled at them to find a way out and he would find them. He was worried now since he would have to climb the cliff bare handed.
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The climb was harsh with little to grab and some of the rock seemed brittle. With only his brute strength and strong will power, Mick slowly scaled up the mountain ledge. There was no time for a break as he had no way to sit and relax his aching hands. Not to mention his boots were not the best for wall climbing. Yet somehow he managed to keep moving along. Then he got to a point where he was tired and felt like giving up.

He was considering giving up one of his lives so he could get to the top faster, but then he remembered he needed to fight for what was important. So he thought about his family waiting for him at home. Then he thought about saving the others so they could go home. Then he thought about Delilah and he felt a small burst of energy as he was able to move up a bit more, but fatigue was getting to him. Finally in his moment of crisis his mind flashed back to Ruby in her black leather thong and suddenly he felt surge of energy through his body. The image of Ruby's beautiful barely covered backside was permanently burned into his mind and it gave him access to a hidden strength he never knew existed. He would succeed so he could protect and worship that amazing prize.

Alex and Alice made their way across the bridge, though their progress was slow.
Part of it was due to Mouse’s slow speed, the other was due to them nearly falling through several boards that broke beneath them.
They finally made it across, and they shared weary smiles with each other—they were safe.
At least, until Rola Mamsu and a horde of Thuggee stepped out from the nearby shrubbery.

After reaching the top of the ledge he rolled over to catch his breath and get the feeling back in his hands. He hoped the others were safe, but considering they were in Jumanji that was a lot to ask for. After catching his breath he staggered up and took a deep breath since he was now going to have to catch up to the others who were not in his sights. So he began running in the direction where the others were headed towards. It was a hard run after scaling the cliffside but Jack was determined to save Ruby's back...…...I mean the others. They didn't deserve to get hurt just cause some psychopath wanted world power. Then before he could get to far ran into some men with rifles aimed right at him.

Mick: Oh croikey.

Oh Crikey.

Back on the other side, Michelle had knocked out another Thuggee and had chased off the other one, but he quickly returned with a horde of his comrades, forcing her to fall back into a defensive position.
She knocked out half a dozen, but they were replaced by twice as many, forcing her slowly back due to sheer weight of numbers.
That was when Jack finally made it to the top of the cliff.
“Jack!” she yelled. “Get across the bridge! I’ll cover you!”

As Jack was running towards Ruby he could see she was in a bind having to fight off the Thuggee guards on her own. Of course he could also see Mouse and Shelly running across the bridge towards them as Rola and his Thuggee guards followed them. Things were looking grim for the heroes of Jumanji. So Jack had to improvise on the spot. Being an awesome hunter he could plan to some degree how to best rescue and trap the enemy at the same time. So as he got close to the Thuggee guards from behind he whipped out his bowie knife and spun in a circle as he slid across the ground.

As he was spinning he slashed the legs of several Thuggee guards to make them fall in pain. This would slow them down so he could grab Ruby and put her on his shoulder. Naturally he was somewhat disappointed she was wearing shorts now since he was hoping to see a bit more again, but part of him hoped she would show him willingly with permission. Of course Ruby would be confused by his action since she was a stubborn killer of men. Before she could wiggle free he spoke up to her.

Mick: Huyng on Oy gawt a plahn.

Hang on I got a plan.

Jack of course did omit the details of said plan as he charged towards the bridge where he met Mouse and Shelly. At this point they were at a stand off. Rola Mamsu was on the bridge with twenty guards while Mic, Ruby, Mouse and Shelly were at the entrance of the bridge. To make it worse twenty armed Thuggee guards were approaching the heroes from the opposite side.

Mouse: Now what?

Mick: Oy gawt a plahn.

I got a plan.

Shelly: What plan? To get us all killed?

Mick ignored them and looked at Rola as he pointed his knife at him.

Mick: Hy rolao momao! !

Hey Rolo Momo!!

Rola: Its Head Priest Rola Mamsu you savage!

Mick: Yoah the suyvage yah bloody bahld psychao! ! Yoah the juhk who pulls eow' people's hots and drawps thaem in a piieh' of luyva faw fun!! The only why anyone would join yoah insyne group is cause yah drug thaem weeth yoah poisawn!

Your the savage you bloody bald psycho!! Your the jerk who pulls out people's hearts and drops them in a pit of lava for fun!! The only way anyone would join your insane group is cause you drug them with your poison!

Rola: That is because you do not see the true power of Shiva! She will purge this world and make me a king!

Mick: Sao whaht sie yah and Oy foineesh thiies muynao ey muynao?

So what say you and I finish this mano ey mano?

Mouse: Jack are you crazy?

Shelly: You don't need to do this Mick. Send the slut to fight him.

Jack looked at Ruby and gave her a charming smile.

Mick: No worries. Like I said...... I got a plan.

Shelly: You're not a hero Mick! Your just a kid!

Mick then smiles as he looked at Rola and his guards who was passed the middle of the bridge now. Then Mick yelled out loud.

Mick: NOW!!!!!

Suddenly several English soldiers with rifles led by Captain Blumburtt popped up and began shooting the Thuggee guards between them and the heroes. While everyone was looking at the English soldiers Jack wasted no time cutting one of the handrails on the rope bridge. This caused everyone to loose their balance and some fell to their death in the river full of crocodiles below. Rola was now panicked as he clung for dear life. Then he looked up as Mick to see him smiling as he cut the other handrail rope. A few more Thuggee guards feel to their deaths as Rola cursed Mick who was still smiling as he cut one of the ropes to the foot bridge leaving one rope left. Rola was now scared as he held the last rope for dear life.

Meanwhile Captain Blumburtt and his English troops finished off the Thuggee guards and marched to the heroes. Among the heroes was Maharajah Zalim Singh and Delilah who were safe and sound. They also had a prisoner with them in prison chains by the name of Chattar Lal who had betrayed Maharajah Zalim Singh and his kingdom.

Captain Blumburtt: I see you have things well under hand Mr. Dundee but we has a deal right.

Mick: Sure mate. Mind if I borrow a rifle?

Captain Blumburtt nodded as one of his men handed Mick a rifle. Mick checked the rifle out and made sure is was loaded before he aimed at Rola to scare him before he moved and shot the rope on the other side of the bridge. This caused more Thuggee guards to fall into the river of crocs who were happily feasting. Rola of course was clinging for life as he dangled on the rope while fearfully looking at the crocs eat his dead men below.

Mick: Looks like we got something on the line. Shall we pull it up?

Captain Blumburtt nodded as some of his men helped Mick pull the rope up. To ensure safety Mouse and Shelly moved by Delilah and the Maharajah. It took a few minutes but eventually they Rola's head was revealed as they dragged him to the top looking scared out of his mind. As Rola was catching his breath Mick whipped out his knife and sliced the strap on Rola's shoulder before he pulled his bag away. Rola was about to speak till Mick punched him in the nose and broke it. Mick looked in the bag to confirm the contents and smirked before he handed it to Captain Blumburtt.

Mick: As requested yoah bahg of rawcks.

As requested your bag of rocks.

Captain Blumburtt looked in the bag and smiled as he nodded at Mick.

Captain Blumburtt: Well done ole chap. Now what to do with him?

Mick put his knife on Rola's throat and smirked as Rola was helpless. Then Mick stood up and walked past Ruby.

Mick: He is ooll yours.

He is all yours.

Mick continued to walk towards the others as Ruby approached Rola with her cold stare. Rola staggered up as he was trying to laugh despite choking on blood and a broken nose. However before he could speak Ruby did a turning jump crescent kick and sent Rola hurling over the cliff into the river full of crocs. No one was able to hear his last words as he met his end. Then Maharajah Zalim Singh spoke up as he bowed to the heroes.

Maharajah Zalim Singh: heroes of Jumanji I humbly apologize to you all for this travesty. I was betrayed by my most trusted aide Chattar Lal and led down the road of the Thuggee nightmare.

Maharajah Zalim pointed at Lal who was in prison chains and held by an English soldier.

Maharajah Zalim I can not thank you enough for saving us all. Since we are in a weakened state I will work with Captain Blumburtt to restore our lands back to its greatness. As thanks I wish to offer you a feast in celebration of your victory. Should you require any rewards we will be do our best to comply.

Tag (Its time for a victory feast. Mick is going to be distant from Ruby because he thinks she is into Mouse and he can't stop thinking about her bottom so he will avoid eye contact with her if he can while talking to her. After the heroes celebrate they can head off the next day and run into Nick aka Ash.)

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