Decisions Decision?

“Is it just me?” Ash asked.
“No, it’s not just you,” Michelle said, trying to look everywhere at once.
Ruby’s danger sense was going haywire. Michelle didn’t see anything, but every instinct told her to run.
Which is why she didn’t—Alice and Alex would never make it.
She was still surprised the group fell for the salesman’s pitch. He just happened to have the very item he needed but first, they had to go into a cave to get an item he needed?
A screeching sound snapped her out of her thoughts.
Something was rising up from the sand—a lot of somethings.
The things rising from the sand took form. They looked like giant squirrels made out of sand, and they were all armed with spears.
One jabbed at her, and she lashed out with her foot, knocking its head off, and its body fell to the sand.
Several others quickly circled around the body and began throwing sand on it, and somehow its head grew back.
“Okay, anyone got any ideas?” she said.

Sand King: You dare invade my territory and expect to live? Once my minions have finished you will rue the day you dared crossed the Sand King!! MUAHAHAAHAAHA!

Mick: Ilex we nayd a waypawn naow!

Alex we need a weapon now!

Mouse: On it!

Alex began pulling random things from his backpack. Junk was flying everywhere from toasters to kitchen ware to snacks. Jack quickly began throwing everything at the Sand King and Minions to delay their regeneration. The Sand King and the minions were annoyed when they were hit by flying toasters, frying pans and pots. They continued to regenerate while growling loudly. Jack saw a six pack of Fosters Beer chunked it at the sand creatures while they were regenerating. The beer was blocked by the Sand King who was angry and it slammed into the ceiling of the cave. The six pack hit the ceiling hard and caused it to explode and spray beer all over the sand creatures as it fell on the Sand King's head. This caused him to erode and crumble. Out of fear of the unknown the Sand King and his minions fled deeper into the cave.

Shelly: What in he double hockey sticks was that???!!!

Mouse: Sand people?

Mick: Hmmmm…… looks they are rodents made of sand.

Shelly: And how are we supposed to fight them??

Mouse: But Jack hit them with beer and they melted.

Shelly: NO MORE BEER!! You are both minors and I forbid it!

Mouse: But mom...…??

Shelly: No means no Alex!

Mick then instinctively used his "Charming Smile" as he got an idea. Of course the side effect was that females nearby him were momentarily attracted to him. Ruby blushed again and Shelly moaned and bit her bottom lip.
(I'll leave it to Nick/Ash if he/she is affected by Mick's charm)
Then Mick looked at Alex and spoke up.

Mick: Grahnted its a taemporaray waypawn, buh' ih' looks loike we cahn use wottah t' wayken thaem.

Granted its a temporary weapon, but it looks like we can use water to weaken them.

Shelly: Where are we going to get a bucket of water in the middle o a cave?

Mick: Ilex cahn yah geh' me a lahge supah saowkah 9000 and a gaellon of wottah?

Alex can you get me a large super soaker 300 and a gallon of water?

Super Soaker 300

Alex smiled as he nodded and began digging into his backpack. He understood what Jack had in mind. Water guns were a thing all young boys loved to play with and the bigger the better. Once he found the large water rifle and gallon of water, Jack filled it up and demonstrated how it worked.

Mick: Faellaow plaoyr Oy geeve yah the supah saowkah 300 oolsao knaown as the ss 300. Thiies bahd boy hawlds 9.3l of wottah whaen feelled and praessuroized. Its the bloody lahgest-cuypacity supah saowkah thaht was evah produced. The proide and joy faw ooll boys at a pool pahty.

Fellow player I give you the Super Soaker 300 also known as the SS 300. This bad boy holds 9.3L of water when filled and pressurized. Its the bloody largest-capacity Super Soaker that was ever produced. The pride and joy for all boys at a pool party.

Shelly: So you think this will work?

Mouse: Of course mom. You saw what a few cans of beer did to those things right. With a high powered water gun we can shoot them easily and this water has a backpack that holds a lot of water not beer.

Shelly: Fine. But I don't like you using guns.

Mouse: Its just water mom.

Mick: Good thaen ilex, we nayd one faw everyone plus a few smohl spaehs faw bahck up and a lawt of wottah.

Good then Alex, we need one for everyone plus a few small spares for back up and a lot of water.

Alex quickly went to work pulling out the water guns and gallons of water so they could fill up the water guns. In addition to the large Super Soaker 300 water gun they each also got a few hand held smaller water guns for back up since it would take a while to refill them. To help them see where they were going they added small flashlights to the Super Soaker 300 barrels. Once they were ready they armed and ready, Mick led the way down the dark cave. They saw the cave was old and had some symbols and old pictures carved into the cave walls. It told a story of sorts but Mick, Ruby, Ashly and Mouse could not make heads or tales of it. Alice had an idea of the story but could not define the details right away.

Eventually they came to a larger opening and after looking around with the lights they saw three tunnels to choose from. Each tunnel had a symbol above them but no one recognized them right off the bat.

Mouse: Now what?

Mick: Naow we nayd t' choose. Do we peeck one aw spliieh' up?

Now we need to choose. Do we pick one or split up?

The players looked at each other as they now had to make a decision.


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