Traps Galore

Jack led them through a few more tunnels and quickly dealt with the cave creatures and traps along the way. Then they found another lake in a cave that was poorly lit by some crystals in the ceiling that glowed brightly. Sitting in the water was a pirate ship that looked very old. Then Jack squinted his eyes as he looked hard at the ship before he spoke up.

Mick: Croikey is thaht a trezshah chaest on thaht shiiep?

Crikey is that a treasure chest on that ship?

Jack pointed at the visible deck of the ship where the glittery chest was sitting.

Ashley just shook her head, "I'm pretty sure it's a trap. Maybe filled with coins that will turn us into animals. We probably should check the ship for any quest items, if not we should find another way out. Sound like a good plan?" She turned to the rest of the group for approval.

Jack and Alex shook their heads yes while Alice was conflicted. She wanted the treasure, but was not in the mood to turn into an ape again.

Mick: We should chaeck ih' eow' buh' daon't touch anythin teell we ahh shooah its the chaest.

We should check it out but don't touch anything till we are sure its the chest.

Mouse: What should we do with the chest after we get it.

Mick: Oy theenk we should puh' ih' in yoah pahck faw syfe kaypin. Oolsao if its a gyme item yah cahn geh' a loife bahck.

I think we should put it in your pack for safe keeping. Also if its a game item you can get a life back.

Mouse: Oh you're right. I forgot I can do that.

Shelly: Well I am all for my Alex getting an extra life, but I will be very upset if he turns to an animal.

Mick: Unduhstood.


So Jack led the players down the bank where they found a small dingy rowboat on the cave bank. Jack helped them get in the boat before he shoved it into the water and jumped in. After they used the oars to move the boat to the spooky pirate ship. Once they got close enough, Jack scaled the side of the ship using the anchor chain to hold onto as well. Once he was up he lowered the rope elevator for the small boat, which was a metal frame, some pulleys and rope. Once the players managed to park the boat on the frame Jack began to pull the rope up and lift the small boat up till it was on the side of the ship. Then he tied off his rope and swiveled the small boat so the players could get out and onto the ship. As they looked around they saw many pirate skeletons on the ship and six treasure chests that looked a lot like the one they found earlier.

Mick: Croikey! looks loike we gawt moah chaests heah. Wheech one should we tuyke?

Crikey! Looks like we got more chests here. Which one should we take?

Mouse: Why not take them all?

Shelly: Cause they might be a trap remember?

Jack rubbed his many chin as he contemplated what to do. Granted he looked like he was thinking hard but in reality he was still dwelling on Michelle's kiss and offer to contact him after they went home. It did make him weak in the knees as it was but remembering Ruby's backside was rather overwhelming for him.

Mick: Oy theenk we should exuymoine the chaests and look faw anythin thing eow' of sohts. We cahn oolsao seahch the shiiep in cuyse we foind moah chaests. Buh' remembah daon't touch anythin seence thiies plyce is covuhd in trahps.

I think we should examine the chests and look for anything thing out of sorts. We can also search the ship in case we find more chests. But remember don't touch anything since this place is covered in traps.


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