At A Loss

After Michelle aka Ruby Roundhouse vanished in a green glow Jack aka Mick Dundee was shocked and hurt to see her gone. Then as he looked to the others he saw Nick aka Ashley Katchem glow green as well and vanish before his eyes. Now Jack aka Mick Dundee was left with just Alice aka Shelly Oberon and Alex aka Franklin Finbar. The three looked at each other in disbelief as they lost two of their companions with no warning.

They were unable to talk about it for a while and eventually Alice suggested they finish the mission so they could go home as soon as possible. So Jack agreed and led them to the pirate ship and they found a few treasure chests to choose from. As they looked at them they noticed the chests had different symbols on them which was concerning. Jack remembered the symbol on the chest they found before and searched for it while the others waited and when he found it he had Alex put it into his backpack. Suddenly Alex gained a third bar on his wrist and they knew it was the game item they needed. Feeling a bit relieved they headed to the exit of the ship and were confronted by the Sand King and his sand minions who were ready to fight. Wasting no time, Alex pulled out a large super soaker water cannon and tossed it to Jack. Jack screamed as he fired a large water stream blast at the Sand King and his water minions with great accuracy.

The Sand King and his water minions didn't have a chance as they were reduced to wet puddles of sand. Suddenly Jack gained his third bar back on his forearm like Alex did. Once the sand beasts were defeated they made their way out of the cave and back to the booth where J.H. Trader Slick was waiting. He was eager to get the treasure chest and traded the maps he had for it. However as soon as he took a gold coin from it he turned into a rat person and began to complain. Now he had a new mission for the heroes and that was to help him turn back for a prize. So they racked their brains to solve the problem and Alice remembered the curse "A crumbling kingdom brings a trap to light, fathom greed's curse to make things right". She then figured they needed to dump the treasure in the ocean to break the curse. Trader Slick protested but caved in since he wanted to undo the curse.

So the heroes and Trader Slick made their way to the nearby lagoon that was connected to the ocean via underground tunnels and tossed the chest into the lagoon. After a few moments Trader Slick turned human again and Alice recover a third life bar like Jack and Alex. They were relieved they managed to solve that problem and pressed trader Slick for their prize for solving the curse issue. Trader Slick tried to weasel out of the deal but Jack patted his knife to convince him otherwise and he reluctantly gave up a gem to them. He said it was important and he didn't know why.

After leaving Trader Slick in tears the heroes made their way through the jungle hoping to find a way home or their next mission.


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