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Summary: Technological Wizard

Samuel Blare Sytire

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks in his 40

Group: The Middle Class

Race/ Job

Human Immortal Type
Psychic Wizard / Technological Mechanic


Training and Areas of psychic discipline
He can only operate so many abilities at one time.

With his Telemechanic ability he is intuitive mechanic he knows functions and operations of any machine and technological or magical device. His natural intelligence and skills is combined allows him to construct, design futuristic inventions, operate, modify and disassemble any technology or create countermeasures for it, An Analytical and Weapons Genius can tinker with just about anything Electrical, Mechanical, weapons devices he can maintain, reaper, and modify them. He studies cutting edge science that includes weapons, Cyber-Netics, robotics, Nanotechnology, communications and magical devices. With Electro-kinesis he can detect and control electricity and the flow he can act like a battery or discharge it all at wants in an attack. With this Telemechanic ability he can Mental Operation, Paralysis, Possession of technological and magical devices for a time.

His Telekinetic ability’s is one of his most powerful abilities with his he can Leap long long-distance. Telekinetic Punch He can use it to improve his strike or punch allowing him to damage even metal. Telekinesis (Super) he can lift, push, throw objects such as a car or even semi-truck.
Telekinetic Acceleration lets him move faster than normal and attack more often. putting up a Psychic Telekinetic Force Field has kept him a live for some time now keeping things form killing him in this dangerous world.

With his psychic energy can instantly make a psychic sword, shield or armor the Color and physical form can be anything normally depends on his mood at the time. the strength is like the strongest metal. it also acts as a Psychic Magic Shield. He can focus his psychic energy into a Psychic Bolt that has the same strength up to a 50. caliber bullet.

He can use this psychic energy to help him in Bio-Manipulation body functions and help with Bio-Regeneration (super). He can heal most injuries in time.

Other psychic abilities Mask psychic powers, Presence Sense, See Aura, Sense Invisible Sixth Sense.
Strong marshal artiest in Hwarang-Do and proficient in Moo-Gi-Gun his constant training with his psychic abilities has given him an uncanny sense of everything around him. There is a rumor that he is over 200 years old, but that fact has not been proven some say he can take incredible damage and still live. He can use anything put into his hands as a weapon and is known as an expert sword’s men.


Upper Middle class some say he should be Elite.
Expert Technological Mechanic

Physical Appearance

Samuel is muscular in his 40s. He stands 6-foot-tall and weighs 190 pounds his eyes are a deep blue hear is brown with reddish highlights spots of gray. Has a few scars. He wears his brown duster and utility belt most of the places he goes. with a black shirt underneath. his brown cargo pants that had been bloused over his boots. The fit is not too tight allowing him to move freely. His brown leather belt and subdued belt buckle is a nice addition. New brown boots to top it all off.


As a structured guy he likes the house to be clean and to have every element of his life tidy and in order. He does not repetitively and obsessively clean things but can also get upset when something is out of order because order equals control, hence security and safety. He has a native reaction to people that makes messes and move things around for no reason. Hates dealing with Bully’s he has no respect for there way of life. Rats, he knows that carry disease. He thinks of them as dirty animals. Will kill them if he has the chance. Samuel is Intolerant of stupidity he cannot deal with the stupid people. Not everyone is stupid, but He swears that the world is getting dumber by the day. His view is those who have perfectly good brains but apparently refuse to utilize them.


Samuel is a mutant pick at a young age whose psychic sensitive powers enable him to sense other psychics, psychic energy, and magic. Unlike normal humans, even though all creatures have a certain level of potential psychic energy, He can tell the subtle differences between normal energies and psychic and magic energies. Some innate instinct draws him to those creatures who are psionic or magic.

it is said they created a rigorous training program that turned him in to psychic wizard. those who could create physical manifestations as opposed to passive, sensitive or intuitive powers into amazing psychic wizard. The legends recount numerous battles people struggled against invading hordes of supernatural monsters. They also tell of psychic wizard who traveled the land like in a crusade to protect the weak and innocent from sinister magic dark forces. The legends recount how the psychic heroes stood as humanity's frontline defense against unspeakable evil, as well as fellow humans who used their psionic or magic powers to enslave or hurt others.

Becoming a psychic wizard is a long and arduous process. Young hopefuls are required to undergo an intense selection period lasting a year. It is designed to weed out lesser candidates. Training is no less difficult for those who pass. They can look forward to decades of demanding training that requires the applicants to be highly motivated, dedicated, and spiritually centered. They are trained in the martial arts, swordsmanship and other weapons, as well as nonviolent pursuits that include meditation, philosophy, theology and spiritual instruction. The most secretive and formidable area of psychic training is the mastery of physical psionics. Every psychic wizard learns to focus his mental energy and reach out with his mind. They learn a variety of psychic abilities that include healing, physical and the powers of psychic-sword, psychic-shield and various forms of telekinesis. These powers are revealed to the young student gradually, thus it takes years of intense study and training before novices complete their apprenticeship and are allowed to make their place in the world.

Most psychic wizard avoid politics and find it distasteful and manipulative. This sometimes gets even good psychic in trouble as they sometimes ignore or break regional laws for their own arguably higher morality. Along those lines, most psychic wizard avoids entanglements in political wars, although they may haunt the sidelines of a war, fighting small battles to protect the innocent caught in the middle or used as pawns. There is a rumor that he is over 200 years old, but that fact has not been proven some say he can take incredible damage and still live.

Enhancements/Enchantments-(If Any)

dose work for Elites and the Dracula family a lot of the time.

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