Jumping in to combat

William smiled at Samuel, "Do what you do best sorcerer. Remind me why you haven't become an Elite yet."

Samuel smiled “Elite, its no fun. To many politics” answered Samuel.

He pulled out a rifle and signal his men to break down the door. "Fire!" The rebels begin firing at them, thankful, the Night Police put up their energy fields, causing the bullets to bounce away. Willam signaled them to move forward, they did so and gunned down the rebels. "Happy hunter sorcerer."

“Thanks, I will need it.” he relied.

The ground around Samuel buckled as he dropped into a running stance a sword appeared in each hand. Suddenly he jumped a on to the roof of the three-story abandon building he was hard to track with normal sight he seemed to blur as he moved. In seconds he was inside the two guards there did not even know the were cut almost in half as he passed by them running his blades across there lower body just under there protective vests. The swords sliced through them with almost no resistance. By the time they turned a round to look at Samuel blood spilled out from the cut that swords had made. Their bodies slid apart hitting the floor as they died of shock. He concentrated on the building looking for the device he needed for the mission as sweat ran down his face.

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