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Summary: A quick-witted adventurer determined to get a happily-ever-after of his own, no matter the cost.

Jackson Spriggs

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Rogues & Bards


Rogue - Adventurer


Jack is of average height and weight with a mess of curls atop his head. He wears light clothing that heavily values movement over protection. He carries a single sword and bears a mark over his left eye that serves as a reminder of where he is from.

Personality and interests

Jack is studied, quick-footed, and observant, he practically has danger woven into him. He is keen on noticing things and silently noting them, or ducking at the last possible second, losing but a lock of hair to a slashing blade or a stray arrow. Jack is also rather lacking in tact and social skills, either not wanting to bother with others or doing his best to avoid them, and to hell with how that makes them feel. He feels that if others have help to offer, he hardly needs it, as the gold he has snatched from their pockets while they weren't looking will be help enough. It should be noted that most times Jack will have noticed the wobble of a drunkard, the reddened eyes of someone in mourning, but these things are facets of a person to exploit, not ques to talk or act a certain way. Jack is not very manipulative in any verbal or psychological way, however his is more than happy to steal from a blind man or tip-toe around a sleeping person if it benefits him enough to warrant it. Jack believes that wanton destruction and excessive harm to someone is uncalled for unless they have it coming to them or there is truly no other way forward, and in these times doing what must be done is far more important than bouts of morality or justification.

Brief History

There are tales of a boy who got a hold of magical beans, who upon planting them sprouted and subsequently scaled a massive beanstalk. Armed with nothing but his wits, that boy tricked the hostile giant that called the skies home to an early grave and pilfered the rewards from that giant's fortress.

Alas, everyone knows the tale of the boy who slew the giant, or the 'Giantslayer' as it were. What they don't know is what comes after. The outward onlookers don't know the tale of a greedy king who saw
the hard-earned fortune in the hands out a back-water village boy and thought it ought to be in "pure-blooded" hands. They don't know the mother who struggles under the weight of her "superiors" and the son who, despite having never wanted to speak to a soul, is hell-bent on getting enough medicine to make his mother well again. They always say "and happily-ever-after" in the stories after the hero gets all the gold and saves the day. Jack may not know everything, but there is one thing he knows for damn sure; happily-ever-afters don't come easy...

Weapons & Equipment

Carries an iron saber, a moderate amount of rations, a coun purse, and lots of paper and pens for cartography purposes.

Spells & Talents

Besides his intellect, rudimentary sword fighting skills, and above-average stealth, Jack possesses no extraneous talents and no skill with magic.

Favourite Sayings


"I suppose that will do."

"Don't pretend to know me."

"There is no time for self-doubt."

Associated Archtype & Fairy Tales

Jack and the Beanstalk - Adventurer



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Image of Jackson Spriggs
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