I Might Be A Racist

After this wise drunk had managed to coerce Jack into open up just a little, this Goblyn's sudden appearance into the coach only made him want to close himself up again. Not that Jack was particularly of the xenophobic type and he harbored no real resentment for any inhuman races, he just couldn't say that one's presence was particularly comforting. Hell, he felt uncomfortable in the presence of other people of his race, how was he supposed to comfortable in the presence of a person so undeniably different from him? This was to say that Jack knew he shouldn't be all that perturbed by the Goblyn, though he definitely was. Jack considered that he might be a racist, but then he rationalized, maybe he just didn't like Goblyns?

With this on his mind, Jack once more retreated to a position of folded arms and averted eyes, intent on keeping his mouth shut and hoping the green man didn't take offence. He did, however, snap a glance at Gaston. He wasn't sure how the man would react to this development or if he felt ill any toward this Goblyn, but Jack was sure the much more charismatic man would have at least something to say, and whatever it was was bound to be more impactful than whatever he could muster.

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