Payment Before Pleasantries

It was hard to get used to the cold. Jack could feel the temperature drop lower and lower the closer they got to Winterlunde. This was going to take some getting used to.

Jack was more than happy to finally touch land again, though he had to take a minute to readjust. That boat was no beanstalk.

Being as he was, Jack had a habit of taking note of others. There were a few important looking people he'd come across, moving around the boat then under the guise of sight-seeing, all the while collecting valuable information. There were four individuals he noticed that seemed note-worthy and as such he had begun to populate his notebook with descriptions.

- Quiet and polite, light skin, white hair, gender undeterminable? Lots of black. Hunter?

- Tall woman with horns, Devil? Inspires fear, Warrior, Evil? Misunderstood? Discriminated against.

- Dark-skinned woman, cat owner, strange clothing, Not from here... On the run?

- Fair-skinned, athletic, drinking problem, hunter as well, uses ranged weaponry. Bachelor? Prince?

Jack closed his notebook, suddenly hyper-aware of his surroundings. He shivered as he stepped off of the ship, and it wasn't just the cold air. There was a dread in the air, one that made his skin crawl.

The giant-slayer stepped forward, spotting each of the four he had written notes of.

So that's what we're doing...

This was some sort of come-one-come-all sort of deal, and all of them were in on it. The five of them looked like a setup for one hell of a joke.

Jack's observations were cut short as a man wearing expensive-looking clothing stepped forward, presumably the reason these strangers had come here.

"Saints be praised you have arrived in time. Any longer and you might not have made it all given how temperamental the sea's here can become. I am Edmond Horne the Duke of Winterlunde's Steward."

Jack frowned some, just how all together was this man? He'd hoped this first impression wouldn't last.

“A watery grave in freezing waters, what a pleasant thought.” The brown-skinned hissed sharply as she collected her pack and her lute. “ I do hope the beds we sleep in tonight are at least a measure warmer then graves might have ended up sleeping in if we had been delayed too long in coming.”

Then the non-androgynous hunter spoke up, putting his true colors on full display.

"Hah! Were the whole ship to crash into an iceberg and sink, I would swim the frozen seas for the chance to track my quarry!"

Ah, an over-confident type. That would likely be a pain to "work" with. Not that Jack had plans to work with any of these people. They were strangers, after all, they were no more than potential obstacles as far as he was concerned, their personalities would determine the ease with which he'd be able to work around them. Though he'd much prefer it if they all moved in different directions. It would make things easier at least.

The man then began to move to each of them, shaking their hands. Upon reaching for his, Jack crossed his arms and furrowed his brows.

"Alright, Mr. Horne. What am I here for exactly and how am I getting paid?"

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