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Summary: Rey hopes to rebuild the Jedi Order and restore it to greatness through these turbulent times.

Rey Skywalker - NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: The Skywalker Academy




Jedi Master of the Skywalker Academy

Skills and Abilities

Rey knows how to fix and pilot ships and speak a few languages on top of her gifts with the force and her skill with a light saber.

Her familiarity with the force allows her to heal others with it, as well as more traditional force techniques such as telekinesis and epic jumping.

Physical Appearance

Rey has brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, weighs about 119 pounds (54 kg) and stands at about 5' 7" (1.7 meters).

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Rey is a loner, due to her being abandoned by her family, but hopes for them to return despite many years of their absence. Despite her years of isolation, Rey is kind, caring, and optimistic. In addition, her years of scavenging have shaped her to become highly adaptive and resourceful, able to find her way out of situations by unorthodox methods. She has a sense of justice, honor, and good morals.

Rey is calm and level-headed, even in life-and-death situations, having spent her life in Jakku's unforgiving climate and atmosphere. In her duel against Kylo Ren, Rey even maintained herself and persisted, despite the odds against her.

In her recent years, she has become much more contemplative and slow to move, preferring to allow the force to properly guide her in her decisions before she rushes out. But she can still occasionally be rash, should an emergency push her to act fast.

While she still assists the resistance from time to time discreetly, her main focus is on the building of her Jedi Order.


Seemingly abandoned by her parents on Jakku, Rey grew up a scavenger amid the wreckage of war. Her life changed when she agreed to help a droid on an urgent mission for the Resistance. During the ensuing adventure with her new friend Finn, Rey discovered she was powerful in the Force and faced off against Kylo Ren at Starkiller Base.

Soon, she sought out the vanished Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to train her. However Luke was incredibly hesitant to train her, citing his prior failures. She endured further disappointment, as she attempted to bring Kylo Ren back to the light. But the resilient Rey continued her training and learned the truth about her parentage and her mysterious connection with Kylo.

She then faced her greatest test: as her true lineage and destiny was revealed to her. She rejected her intended purpose and, along with Ben Solo, faced and defeated the Emperor during the battle of Exegol.

Since the battle, she has spent her years searching for new force sensitive people to train and rebuild the Jedi Order, as well as searching for further artifacts of use and assisting the Resistance when time allows.

Writer Goals for Character

As the head of the Skywalker Academy and probably the most skilled force user remaining in the galaxy, Rey will probably be a significant character in this game. As an NPC, she can be written by anybody within the typical rules regarding NPC use.

Moderator Comments and Suggestions

Do not kill, maim, capture, etc this character without my permission. I'd also ask that you don't write Rey falling in love with your character as well.

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Image of Rey Skywalker - NPC
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