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Summary: Grand Admiral of one of the remaining cells of the First Order.

Lorna Deacon - NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: The Orders




Grand Admiral of the First Order

Skills and Abilities

Skilled in diplomacy, military tactics and navigation. Also considered to be one of the most skilled warrior in the higher ranks.

Physical Appearance

Lorna has red hair, blue eyes, light skin, and stands at 1.80 meters

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Lorna was one of the indoctrinated children that fully bought into the propaganda that the First Order was pushing, viewing the galaxy as a broken mess that must be reforged into a new, stronger empire.

Both before, during and after the war with the Resistance, she fought hard and successfully carried out her duties. Now with her power fully established within the largest loyal faction of the First Order, she now plans to bring more sects into her forces and finish the mission the Emperor tasked them with.


Born in 4 ABY, Lorna was one of the children taken from their homes and forged into a brutal, effective First Order trooper. Very rapidly, she showed her aptitude for combat and strategy. By the time she was 19, she was assigned to lead her own battalion of shock troopers, responsible for quick, hard hits behind Resistance lines. She was known for almost always bringing back prisoners to interrogate for additional intel, then "spacing" them when they were no longer useful to her.

Once the Resistance grew into a serious threat, Captain Phasma and General Hux promoted her to Admiral and assigned her as a rear flank Admiral, ensuring the Orders territories remain secure while the bulk of the order moves forward to look for Luke and the rest of the Resistance.

Once the destruction of the Emperor's Final Order fleet took place, Lorna acted quickly, realizing she was one of the few high ranking officers left to hold things together. She spent the first year enacting forced conscription in the systems she was defending, then the remaining time training her new army, folding newly contacted cells into her ranks and began negotiations with independent systems for supplies and safe houses.

Writer Goals for Character

Lorna is an important background character to the SW:AoA setting, and we intend to use her perspective to describe elements of the setting.

Moderator Comments and Suggestions

As an NPC, other members can feel free to write Lorna. Just don't kill, maim, or have her get captured without moderator permission.

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Image of Lorna Deacon - NPC
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