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Summary: The devious Viceroy of the Free Galactic Trade Union

Sai Haako - NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 45

Group: The Free Galactic Trade Union




Viceroy of the Free Galactic Trade Union

Skills and Abilities

Sai Haako is a masterful manipulator and negotiator with terrifying intellect and business accumen. She is remarkably perceptive for a non-force user, skilled at identifying the desires of others and offering Mephistophelian deals that ultimately further her a aims.

Physical Appearance

Sai is not particularly remarkable looking by Neimoidian standards, standing at an average 6'1" and being slender, as is normal for Neimoidians. However, she somewhat makes up for this by wearing very splendid regalia and hats (Neimoidian's like their hats) on pretty much every public occasion.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Sai is utterly ruthless and cunning, traits she hides behind a facaad of motherly affection for her subjects and council members. Paranoid and untrusting of everyone except droids (and even then, she doesn't necessarily trust the programmers), Sai hides her true intentions as much as possible, while using every practical means to understand her enemies and so-called allies...

However, behind it all lies a deep seated hatred for the Republic, the Empire, the Jedi, the Sith, and all those who destroyed the power and greatness her people had known before the Clone Wars. Her ultimate goal is to restore the Neimoidians to their former glory and take vengeance against the descendants of those who humiliated her ancestors.

Like most Neimoidians, Sai is not particularly brave.


Sai was a grandaughter of Rune Haako, the Settlement Officer of the Trade Federation. Due to his influence in the Confederacy of Independant Systems, the Haako family was able to have access to the many plans of much of the infrustructure used to support the Separtist military, most significantly, the plans for most of the battle droid foundaries. When Rune and the other Separtist leaders died suddenly under mysterious circumstances and the Confederacy collapsed, the Haako family buried their cache of plans in order to survive the persecution of the new Galactic Empire. For decades, the Haako family secretly protected the plans from the Empire and then the New Republic, waiting until such a time when the plans could be brought back to light and used to build an army with which to take revenge on those who had humiliated them so.

That time arrived when Sai was the head of the family. Coming from a line of influential businesspeople, Sai was quick to capitalize on the arms, equipment, and logistics demands that arose with the advent of the First Order-Resistance war by overhauling the family's struggling manufacturing facilities to focus on the production of shield generators and blaster munitions, which were sold to both sides (although mainly the First Order for the first year of the war as the Resistance quickly became difficult to contact). Having acquired a fair bit of wealth and influence in the now-heavily-contested field of military manufacturing, Sai came to the attention of the corporate executives who were assembling the think tank that eventually became the Free Galactic Trade Union. As part of that board, Sai finally revealed her family's long-buried secret and convinced them to establish a military force with which to offer protection to the worlds that the group desired to influence to decrease taxes. Sai took charge of the projects to build the droid factories and claimed ownership of the droid army itself once it began getting churned out. With the power of the martial arm of the Trade Union behind her, Sai rose to the chair of the board and had herself proclaimed Viceroy as the FGTU came to resemble an intergalactic state.

While perhaps the most politically powerful woman in the galaxy at the moment, Viceroy Haako is aware that her position is tenuous. The FGTU is not the Empire; as Viceroy, she holds that position only so long as the other members of the board do not vote her off. Indeed, Sai truly only holds power due to the consent of a few powerful friends who's satisfaction keeps her in office.

Writer Goals for Character

As the Head of the FGTU, Sai is a significant figure in the scene of intergalactic politics. Hopefully this profile will make this character understandable to other writers.

Moderator Comments and Suggestions

As an NPC, other members can feel free to write Sai. Just don't kill, maim, or have her get captured without moderator permission.

Also, Sai's mannerisms are supposed to mask her intentions. Keep this in mind when writing her.

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