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Summary: Commander of the Resistance Engineering Corp, Rose has a lot of compassion for a tinkerer.

Rose Tico - NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: The Resistance




Commander of the Resistance' Engineering Corp

Skills and Abilities

A largely unsung hero of the Resistance, Rose is skilled in demolitions and engineering. She can also speak Calamarian.

Physical Appearance

Rose has black hair, brown eyes, tan skin and stands at 1.57 meters tall.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Rose has known a lot of loss in her life. She dedicated herself to the Resistance when the First Order occupied her home system and ultimately killed her parents, while her sister, Paige eventually perished giving battle to the First Order. While she despises the Orders for what they did to her family, Rose nonetheless possess a compassionate heart and wants to see care given to those who need it, even if if those in need happen to be her former enemies...


Rose Tico was born in 11 ABY on the mining world of Hays Minor, where she lived with her parents and her sister Paige. Rose was successful in delaying the First Order’s operations through sabotage, but before long the First Order had genocided the entire planet. The two sisters joined the Resistance’s Cobalt Squadron, pledging to avenge their homeworld and stop the First Order from doing the same to others.

Paige Tico died shortly after the destruction of Starkiller Base, sacrificing herself to destroy an enemy Star Destroyer. Following the death of her sister, Rose met the Resistance hero Finn. The two of them participated in a raid on the Canto Bight casino, part of a failed attempt at blocking the First Order’s hyperspace jammer. The two of them later participated in the Battle of Crait, during which Rose saved Finn’s life. Rose was later promoted to commander of the engineering corps and participated in Finn’s attack on the Star Destroyer Steadfast during the Battle of Exegol.

Following her experiences as part of the crew of the Raddus, Rose prefers to focus on building a strong resistance movement over risking lives and equipment in overly reckless attacks. This approach seems to have served her engineers well, as they have successfully maintained the Resistance’s impressive roster of starships following the Battle of Exegol. She is a staunch supporter of Finn’s re-education program, and led her engineers in converting a derelict cloning facility on Kamino specifically for this purpose.

Writer Goals for Character

Rose is an important background character to the SW:AoA setting, and we intend to use her perspective to describe elements of the setting.

Moderator Comments and Suggestions

As an NPC, other members can feel free to write Rose. Just don't kill, maim, or have her get captured without moderator permission.

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