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Summary: Red-38 is a member of the Guavian Death Gang that had their memories & identity erased upon joining.


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Gender: Currently Unknown

Age: Unknown (adult)

Group: Outlaws


Unknown, presumed human.


Guavian Security Soldier

Skills and Abilities

Demolitions and Explosives

Guavian Cybernetic Implants

Ranged Weapons (especially proficient with the use of a grenade launcher)

Speaks Galactic Basic and Binary.

Physical Appearance

Red-38’s entire body has been encased in red armour and augmented with the Death Gang’s signature cybernetic upgrades. The armour is difficult to remove and has become like a part of Red’s body. Not even they know their original appearance any more.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Over the last two years, Red has developed somewhat of a camaraderie with their fellow enforcers after fighting alongside them on behalf of both the Death Gang itself and various powerful patrons, but the loss of their true identity distresses them and they still hold out hope of uncovering the forgotten secrets of their past.


Red-38 remembers very little from before they joined the Death Gang and received their cybernetic upgrades two years ago on the Ring of Kafrene. The Death Gang assures Red that they accepted the role of Death Gang Enforcer willingly, and that their lost memories were an unfortunate side-effect. With no memory of their previous life and nowhere else to go, Red was forced to keep their doubts to themself and accept this version of events at face value.

Writer Goals for Character

My plan is for Red to defect to the Resistance at some point and for them to venture in search of their past identity.

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Image of Red-38
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