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Summary: A Commander Droid of the FGTU's Special Projects Division

B1-C087 - NPC

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Gender: Male Programming

Age: 1

Group: The Free Galactic Trade Union


B1 Commander Droid


Commander Droid Special Projects Division

Skills and Abilities

Commander Droids are programmed to be nearly sentient in order to be able to adapt to battlefield situations. While the hardware of B1s hasn't been adjusted much since the fall of the Confederacy of Independant Systems, the software and artificial intelligence systems have seen considerable improvements, especially in commander class units.

Equipped with advanced heat sensors, optical sensors, and auditory sensors, B1-C087 can detect life from a mile away and use sophisticated algorithms to fairly accurately determine the threat level of said life and plan accordingly.

B1C087, as an operative of the Trade Union's Special Project Division, is also equipped for signal's intelligence operations. He contains sensory receptors capable of interpreting wave signals from all commonly used communication devices and also possesses state of the art cryptoanalysis programs for decoding intercepted signals.

Physical Appearance

B1-C087 has the classical skeletal B1 Battle droid appearance along with the yellow command unit markings.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

B1-C087 is programmed to be impeccably loyal to Sai Haako first and to the missions assigned to him by the Special Projects Division after that.

B1-C087 can be shockingly resourceful and diplomatic for a droid; he was designed this way in order to be able to function more effectively with little material support.


B1-C087 was a built a little over a year ago for Viceroy Sai Haako's secret Special Projects Division. Most of his career has involved doing security detail for top secret research projects, but recently, he was sent to scout out Geonosis as the FGTU considers establishing a foundry there.

The mission has been less than straightforward...

Writer Goals for Character

The immediate goal is to provide Veye a choice. If he survives, B1-C087 may be able to provide perspective on further FGTU operations.

Moderator Comments and Suggestions

I'm not going to be particularly bummed if B1-C087 gets turned into scrap, but Veye may lose out on some employment opportunities if she does end him.

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Image of B1-C087 - NPC
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