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Summary: "Let me show you what a real pilot can do with this piece of junk"

Noxaelaven Vennata aka Noxx

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Wanderers


Hailing from the planet Devaron, the Devaronians are a species of sentient humanoids, characterized by two legs, a torso, a single head, two arms with hands, fingers, and an opposable thumb. The Devaronian head features a nose, a mouth filled with pointed teeth, and two forward-facing eyes, which notably come in shades of red, purple, and dark brown. Both sides of the face are flanked by two pointed ears that stick out slightly.
The species has two sexes, male and female, which are dimorphic. The males have two short horns growing from the top of their heads, while the females, are hornless, with small vestigial bumps on their foreheads. While females have a full head of hair, males are bald— however, the males can grow facial hair.
Devaronians have black blood, and are silver-based due to the unique blood filtration and cleansing system of the species. Processed through two livers, their bodies are constantly cleansed of toxins and carcinogens which allow them to be highly resistant to poison and consume foods toxic to other species. To this end, sulfur is used as a stimulant on Devaron to enhance speed and strength, because inhaling it causes the substance to enter the bloodstream rapidly. Their livers struggle to eliminate sulfur from their system, meaning that long-term use could be dangerous. Their skin is also immune to fire.
Devaronians live under a matriarchal government on their homeworld; though males aren't prohibited from holding positions of power, few desire to do so. The biological dimorphism of the species carries over into their culture, wherein females tend to be more settled and serious minded, while males long to wander the stars. Devaronian males are extremely dedicated to their families despite their wanderlust, and are known to send their earnings they accumulated abroad back to their families to support them.
Force-sensitivity is found in higher frequencies among Devaronians than in other species. Despite this, no strong Force-based tradition emerged on Devaron or among their colonies. The Jedi Order had established the Temple of Eedit on Devaron to train the Forceful children there, with females making up the larger percentage of students as males desired to travel more than the Jedi culture permitted.


Independent: Pilot / Hired-Gun / Smuggler

Skills and Abilities

At a very young age she learned how to move quietly and unnoticed in almost any urban environment. She is an accomplished survivor and scavenger in urban environments.
She is extremely athletic and somewhat obsessive about exercise in any form. Focusing on cardio then agility and speed followed by power in order of priority.
She is a very competent street-fighter with no interest in flashy moves or rules of any kind. She is generally comfortable handling the more common melee weapons found across the galaxy but has a penchant for hardened gloves, truncheons and fighting knives.
Her skill with ranged weapons is competent but she won't win any sharpshooter awards. Her preference being for single handed blasters or slug throwers.
When it comes to the seedy undersides of civilizations, she knows the rules and the social structures that frame them very well.
An accomplished and fully certified pilot (planetary and space) she is comfortable with most craft from small speeders to light freighters. Her gunnery skills sadly are second rate at best.
Having spent 11 years on the Nawarmaku working for Soom Hon on countless trade and smuggling runs taught her not only how to crew a freighter and then to fly but it also taught her how to work in the fringes of society profitably and relatively safely.
Soom Hon made sure she had knowledge of contacts for 'questionable' services scattered across the Outer to Inner Rim Territories, either directly introducing them over the years together or in stories and anecdotes. He also taught her everything she knows about economics, politics (both legal and illegal) and how to profit from them. Like all information though, it's value dwindles with time.
She is a passable technician/mechanic, knowing enough to repair simple electronic and basic mechanical issues or to jury rig something simple if necessary, especially if it's related to a spaceship. Her understanding of computers is a little deeper but she is a user not a slicer.
Being born Force sensitive did not grant her any true powers, at least that she can clearly define. It does occasionally give her faint empathic perceptions when in close contact with other beings but nothing concrete or consistent. Most of those events were unsettling enough she avoids skin contact with others. She also has unaccountable 'gut feelings' that turn out correct too often to ignore and on rare occasions she gets sudden 'uncontrollable impulses' that invariably save her life directly or others lives indirectly. They also get her into lot's of trouble.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 1.8 meters and 86 kilos she is lean framed with a dense, compact musculature. Her features are strong, a square jaw, firm lips and sharp cheeks framing deep-set eyes that seem surprisingly hard for her apparent youth.
Her skin is a deep coppery red and her vestigial horn spots are matte black, matching her obsidian eyes and pitch black hair. Her prominent canines and sharp teeth she usually hides behind closed lips. Her pointed ears are on the small side for a Devaronion and sport several emerald studs and silver rings along their edges.
Her hair is cut close to the skin, almost military in style. Showing off her ears and a long thin scar running from back of her crown down her neck and left shoulder. The right side of her head is peppered with tiny faint pockmark scars from her brow down to her collar bone and covering her shoulder to her right elbow. Her left brow is split near her temple and her nose is just slightly askew from some long ago break. There are more scars about her person but those nobody is likely to ever see as she habitually covers everything but her head in public.
Her preferred attire consists of layers. The base layer being a snug sealed bodysuit that covers her from neck to extremities (hands and feet included). The suit includes a tight hood, collar for attaching an environmentally sealed helmet and the helmet. Both the collar and mating helmet are normally stored when not in space. Over this she wears loose heavy duty coveralls suitable for working around ships and with multitude of loops and pockets for tools. Most of her pockets tend to bulge with an odd assortment of tools and items. The legs are normally stuffed into heavy reinforced boots.
When going out she wears a mottled gray armoured long coat with attached hood and face wrap. The coat is battered and about one size too big for her frame if not her height. The inside of the coat is practically covered with pockets of various sizes, even the sleeves. Many of them are concealed behind others and some have even more pockets inside of them.
She wears hard plated gloves more often than not. Openly carrying a mean truncheon with a weighted plasteel head on her left hip and a sleekly modded Merr-Sonn Model 53 “Quicktrigger” blaster pistol on her right hip in a quick draw holster. Sticking up over the top of each boot is the handle of a stiletto.
Hidden in her many pockets are several other blades of various types and two well worn Merr-Sonn Model Q4 Quickfire blasters, one in her coveralls and one in her coat. Other items she tends to carry, but not limited to, is her; comm, data-pad, memory chips, breath mask, respirator, food, spare power cells, protective smart goggles, electro-binoculars, sabac deck, chance cubes, assorted tools, scanners and odd spare parts.
The intended affect is to hide her actual form and deter unwanted trouble before it might start, a habit she learned in the slums of her youth.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Fundamentally she is a cold hearted pragmatist with a cheerfully compassionate optimist trapped inside. Of late the optimist has been more influential in her decisions than she is comfortable with. Deeply introverted and anti-social bordering on paranoia. Her sense of humour is bone dry and generally biting. Her word is her bond and she will not break it, which makes her very careful with her words and what she signs. She loves plans but when in the action she usually operates on instinct and reflex.
She loves flying and piloting so much she that has a hard time passing up any chance to check out or pilot old favorites or new vehicles. She has an unquenchable desire to see as much of the galaxy as she can and if she can do the piloting too, even better. Anything related to physical activity and agility fascinate her almost as much as flying. Music comes a short second to athletics and her tastes are surprisingly eclectic.
Her current primary goal is a ship of her own, free and clear of any debt. From there her goal is to explore the galaxy. One day in the far future, when she has attained a ship and wealth she intends to return to Devaron and see her homeland, maybe even look for relatives....
Ultimately she is seeking to find her place in the galaxy and through that maybe find herself as well.


Years after the fall of the empire the New Republic fleet stumbled across a secret Imperial mining colony on an out of the way planet in the Outer Rim Territories while chasing down a former Imperial Destroyer. With a single comm message the colony was declared liberated from imperial tyranny. The imperial overseers, having spent years without orders or supplies immediately surrendered and an interim government was formed while waiting for a representative of the Republic to arrive. The Republic by this time was having too many other problems and they were lost a midst the greater turmoil. No representative was sent and the government was overtaken by crime lords and smaller corporations wanting to strip the planet down for it's resources. In the process forcing the freed slaves back into forced labour and to sink into the wretched anarchy that most likely still reigns there today.
Born to two former slaves in the back of a brothel was not auspicious. Her father disappeared before her first birthday. Life was hard and so were the lessens it taught. The roving thugs, gangs, and criminals of all types preyed on anyone and anything they could find. Her mother protected her as possible and taught her how to hide and if necessary, fight. Over the years she honed those skills, scavenging to help support her and her mother.
Being a third generation slave her mother could not teach her much of her racial heritage outside of the language and some old stories that made no sense to her. She learned more of her heritage from two Devaronion thugs working for a small time Hutt near the spaceport. Just after she turned thirteen her mother disappeared on her way home from work one morning. She never found any trace of her mother or what happened to her. Without her mother she was forced out of her tiny hovel of a home and into the streets. For two years she survived, hiding as much as possible and scavenging or stealing with no plans beyond survival and her constant hunger. It is during this time that she learns to rely on her odd 'gut feelings' and unnerving 'impulses' as they invariably kept her safe if not comfortable or happy.
By the time she turned 14 survival was no longer enough for her, she was becoming desperate to find a path out of the slums and her miserable existence. As her body developed she also started attracting a new unwanted attention than she did not know how to deal with. She spent more and more time hiding than surviving. A few months later she found herself on the edge of the spaceport hiding from a gang of of young Twileks as a battered old freighter landed with no lights in a darkened birth. She watched an old Duro and two armed Klatooinians walk down the boarding plank to meet with several figures hidden in the shadows. Without thought or hesitation she slips past the talking figures and onto the freighter. Once inside she unerringly finds a concealed storage hatch and hides inside.
She was discovered less than a day later by one of the Klatooinians because her bladder could hold no more. Fearing the worst she fought desperately and futilely. However, once she had stopped struggling the Duro introduced himself as Soom Hun and his companions as Mer'ket and Mek'net. He then offered her the first act of kindness and compassion she had experienced since her mother. He listened to her and offered her a bunk, food and even a small amount of credits so long as she kept the ship clean and helped with maintenance. An offer she accepted before she even understood it. Within months Soom Hun had effectively adopted her, and she him. Mek'net died shortly after in an ambush on some moon. Mer'ket was never the same and left quickly after. Soom Hun never replaced them permanently, instead hiring muscle on short term contracts and leaving the flying and mechanics to himself and her when he felt she was capable. For the most part they ran legitimate cargo and passengers. Soom Hun was picky and refused to smuggle drugs or weapons and never worked for any of the larger organizations. He did however get a charge out of slipping things past the fragmented Imperials and later, the FGTU.
Over these years Soom Hun's age slowly started taking a notable toll on his body and mind. In the last three years Soom Hun had relinquished all piloting and maintenance to her.
Soom Hun's luck began to run thin apace with his age. Several botched cargo runs and a desperately dumped cargo of contraband put him into debt with his banks and a Correllian loan shark. All of whom then sold that debt to the FGTU when he defaulted on payments. While docked at the Mos Eisley spaceport the FGTU called in the debt and impounded the Nawarmaku. Giving the crew only half an hour to collect their gear and disembark for good.

Writer Goals for Character

To explore from different perspective how someone with long term severe trauma can evolve and grow past the mental hurdles that trauma caused. This will mostly play out as almost crippling trust issues, and self-image and difficulties in social situations.
To create a character and personality that has depth and who's inner struggles are as important as the external ones to her growth and development and honestly help others to grow and develop as well. One that starts at a crossroad with too many and too few options.
Over the course of this I want Noxx to learn to trust others and be able to develop lasting emotional bonds. To be able to explore her gender identity and eventually come to accept herself and her body. I also want to explore the existential questions of morality and how it can be both an innate value and a variable defined by our environment.

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