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Summary: It's a difficult time to be the Queen of Naboo...

Namiene Tolarri

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Independent Systems




Queen of Naboo

Skills and Abilities

While she was largely elected on the merits of her parent's wealth and connections, Namiene has learned quite a bit about leadership and sacrifice during the difficult years of her reign. While her biggest contributions to the state have mostly involved looking pretty and inspiring her people with flowery public speeches, she did have to make a number of very difficult decisions over the years, especially with regards to the First Order's invasion of her planet.

Other than her executive experience, Namiene also learned some basic self defense and shooting techniques in the event that she ever needed to defend herself, which actually did come in handy when she led the rebellion against the First Order's occupation forces.

Physical Appearance

Namiene has brown hair, vibrant blue eyes and fair skin. Rather short and physically unimpressive, she stands at 5'5" (1.65 meters) and weighs about 115 pounds (52 kg).

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Namiene's behavior is quite similar to that of many of the spoiled princess stereotypes, although the challenges of her reign have left her with more of a backbone than she did once. Despite her tendencies to lean extensively on her advisors (who for most of her reign were her parents), Namiene does care deeply for the people she is responsible for and holds moral principles that greatly shape her decisions.


Born to an aristocratic family in Theed, the capital city of Naboo, Namiene was afforded an excellent education that was shaped by her parents ambition to one day rule the planet vicariously through her, a plan that went off with surprising few hitches once Namiene came of age to run for office. Coming to power in the final year of the New Republic, her reign began uneventfully until Starkiller Base destroyed the Hosnian system and the First Order fleets stormed the galaxy. Lacking the protection of the New Republic and not having much of a military of her own, Namiene quickly capitulated to the First Order once their forces invaded Naboo.

While nominally maintaining her position as ruler of Naboo, de facto authority was transferred to the First Order's Military Governor, who held onto Namiene's parents to ensure her cooperation with the regime. Ftor most of the war, Namiene and Naboo collaborated with the First Order, but in the last year of the war, a resistance movement developed that Namiene covertly supported. Following the Resistance's great victory at Exegol, the queen had to decide whether to support her people's desire for freedom at the expense of the lives of her parents or to continue to pay lip service to the Order and hope an opportunity to rescue her folks would present itself. In the end, she decided that her responsibility to her people outweighed her desire to see her parents again, and with heavy heart, she publicly announced hers and her security forces support for the rebels. Following the execution of her parents, Namiene personally participated the the liberation of Padme's Gun, which was then used to shoot down the Order's Star Destroyer in orbit over her system. Although her prior collaboration with the First Order was widely recognized, her bravery in the liberation of Naboo was appreciated enough that she was able to get reelected as Queen. From there, Namiene struggled to lead her people through the unprecedented times of the Age of Anarchy, building a military in case the need arose while committing to peace and avoiding alliances that would entangle her people in unnecessary conflicts. Unfortunately, this resulted in her being alone as the power of the Free Galactic Trade Union gradually reached its tendrils across the galaxy toward her peaceful planet...

Writer Goals for Character

This character is making a return from a long-gone OW game. That game unfortunately died before I got to explore this character much, and I am hoping I get to do more with her in this game.

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