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Summary: The Force is my ally.

Marcus Mor

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Gender: M

Age: 32

Group: Independent Systems


Human of Naboo


Keren City Advisor

Skills and Abilities

Marcus is an adept mentalist or more of a "sorcerer", using his connection to the Force for things like sensory, perception, the occasional trick, bending of wills, and even telekinesis/empathy on rare occasions.

Marcus has an old, beatup lightsaber - copper with leather straps, and a green crystal/blade - that he does not use hardly at all these days.

Marcus can be gruff, but has an air of sophistication and can be a great diplomat when needed.

Physical Appearance

Marcus has not aged well, especially since the Orders did their damage to the galaxy. He is of average height and weight for human males, with shorter blonde and white hair. He has a trim full beard that shows mostly white these days. He has blue-grey eyes and typically wears a stoic, plain face.

He wears tan and brown robes like the Jedi of old, although they are thinner and more appropriate for traveling and quicker movement. He carries a tiny holdout blaster and vibroblade, as well as a modest "kit" with a comm, small medkit, and such on his belt.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Marcus doesn't mind being an advisor to city officials and occasionally businesses, but he really wants to get back to his Jedi ways. He stayed clear of the Resistance and other efforts over the last couple years to avoid outright hunting and slaughter. But he's done with that, and wants to do more.


Born during the age of the Rebellion just as as the Empire would be slowly defeated, Marcus was the son of two travelers who worked in trade and transportation. They bounced around many systems, but eventually landed on Naboo. This served as their base of operations until their early deaths years later.

Marcus had worked with his family to take over their business, but they had managed to discover and verify his Force sensitivity. By the time he was 20, they had arranged for him to be trained under the new Jedi Academy with Master Skywalker.

Training was going well for the young man until that fateful day when the temple was destroyed. But thankfully, Marcus was not there. With his training in sensing and farsight and the like, he had managed to get himself away. Even though he was mature and well trained, his warnings to the others were not heeded very well. He was a very rare survivor.

Marcus stayed out in the fringes of the galaxy for a few years, trying to evade the name he had for himself in Luke's new Jedi order. He eventually returned to Naboo to assist in the city of Keren. There he began to use his abilities and experience to help the local leaders and trade groups, avoiding confrontation and war altogether.

Writer Goals for Character

Marcus is a hidden Jedi, part of Luke's academy for a while, and then scattered just before the fallout from the First Order and Kylo Ren. I want him to get connected back to Rey, and probably assisting with the Resistance as new chapters unfold since Exegol.

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