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Summary: "I just want to live a life my brother's never got the chance to"

CT 9095 "pops"

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (appearance wise)

Group: Wanderers


Human/ clone of Jango Fett


First order Commando/ wanderer

Skills and Abilities

Clone commando training, leadership, first aid.

Physical Appearance

Similar appearance to Jango Fett with a moustache.

Personality, Interests, and Goals

Serious, cold, and lost pops has found himself in a future that's all but foreign to him one that has forgotten the sacrifices his brothers made to a government that no longer exists. Starting with the first order because he likes the purpose he eventually decides to leave seeking a cure for his accelerated aging and a place to call his own.


Born and raised on Kamino 10 years before the start of the clone wars pops was born into the ranks of the clone commandos he and his brothers were taught to be the best when it came to war yet nothing could prepare them for geonosis. The devastating waste of so many of his brothers left a sour opinion of the Republic and the Jedi which only grew as the war went on. During a failed mission pops would find himself heavily injured in put into stasis on route to a republic hospital, tragedy would strike when the when the ship transport again would suffer a hyperdrive failure leaving him the soul survivor stranded in space until years later a scavenge crew uncovers the perfect Payday for the first order.

Writer Goals for Character

Inspired a lot by Captain America I want to explore the story of a soldier exploring a Galaxy that has long since forgotten him been trying to find his own way something he never thought he had the chance to.

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Image of CT 9095
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