This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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• Players shall not write actions for other player's characters unless they get permission from the player to write their character. My recommendation is that once writers come to trust each other, they grant each other permission to write each other's characters in order to facilitate storytelling. Post edits can be requested. Small actions, such as hand waves, smiles, holding doors open, following, and so on can be written for other player's characters even without explicit permission if the writer feels those actions are appropriate for that character.

• Characters labeled as NPCs can be written by anyone, but do not do anything serious like kill, maim, rape, etc these characters without the owner's permission.

• The Star Wars Universe (probably for ratings reasons) is depicted in most media as being very PG. While we will be a little more tolerant of real-life things like sex and gore, we don't need to go overboard on these things. No erotica or torture porn please, and cursing like sailers is basically non-canon, although if a few curse words slip in I won't complain.

• There is a link to a Discord Channel for this game on the home page. This Channel is for discussions about the game and for growing closer as a team. This channel is intended for use by members and potential members. If you have absolutely no intention whatsoever in participating in SW: Age of Anarchy, please do not apply to the Discord Channel. On this channel, treat other members respectfully. It's okay to joke around, but don't take the joke to the point of bullying. Gossiping about other OW members on the channel is also off limits.

• Frustrations with games and fellow writers is extremely common. Instead of pretending otherwise, when these occur, please contact me (Nim) by email or by PM on Discord and I will do my best to help while remaining objective and fair to everyone. Please use private messages and personal emails to communicate frustrations rather than OOC posts and the Discord Channel.

• This game allows players to make character's stand on any side of a given conflict. This means that there is a high likelihood of player characters fighting each other at some point. When this occurs, the involved players should communicate with each other and agree on an acceptable conclusion to the battle ahead of time. I (Nim) can be brought in as a mediator if an acceptable compromise is proving difficult to achieve.

• Pending the promotion of someone to co-mod, I will be glad to help new members and new characters find a role in the story. I can be reached through email, private messages on Discord, and I will also be able to provide feedback in the Plot Ideas channel. Do not just foist your new character into the middle of an ongoing story without running the idea by the other participants first. We will usually be obliging, but narratives can get derailed by such developments and some writers won't appreciate that.

• Please do not have your character use powers and equipment that was not hinted at in their bio or through the narrative. Look at the Scarcity and Logistics sections below for more details on our thoughts on this topic.

General Setting Characteristics

This game takes place in the Star Wars Universe according to Disney Canon. Despite a number of quibbles I have with that continuity, I am choosing to go this way with SW: Age of Anarchy so that all of us, with our various exposures to the SW universe, are more or less on the same page. Except where we agree otherwise, the assumption regarding any setting questions should be that it is in line with Disney Canon. I have found Wookipedia to be a valuable resource for figuring out what this Canon is.

That said, Disney's Canon largely ends (as of me writing this) with the events of Rise of Skywalker, so we have leeway to decide how events transpire after that film. For the purpose of keeping us largely on the same page about what this universe can look like, I will highlight some important themes and significant aspects of this particular period of time that I'd like members to consider.


Nothing in life is truly free. If someone gives you a biscuit, while it may be free for you, it isn't free to the person who gave it to you (or the person who gave it to them). Spaceships cost something, fuel costs something, droids cost something, blaster packs cost something, and so on and so forth. A significant aspect of this setting is that most everyone is hurting for resources and credits. The galactic economy was massively disrupted by the First Order's invasion and the subsequent lack of a government after they were defeated. With the cost of intergalactic trade skyrocketing due to tariffs and the prevalence of piracy, materials and goods do not move across the galaxy the way they once did.

All that to say, characters' decisions should be influenced by the amount of credits and resources they possess or have access to. It is easy for someone to be generous when doing so won't leave you starving, and it is easy to not accept a bribe when the credit chip isn't about to hit zero. But when a character has limited credits and an organization has limited resources, they can't buy or do whatever they want whenever they want.


The galaxy is vast and planets are large. Getting from one place to another takes time, even with hyperspace technology.

The resources needed to build big, complex ships, weapons, and droids come from different areas of different planets all across the galaxy. The logistical challenges of this are not to be underestimated. Battleships aren't built in a day, even with secure sources of material procurement and effective builders. In the Age of Anarchy, securing steady access to necessary resources is difficult for almost everyone.

With that in mind, before writing a character jumping from one narrative in one part of the galaxy to another narrative a different system, be ready to explain how the character got there. When writing a large force coming out of seemingly nowhere, be ready to explain how that force came into being and how they were able to discreetly arrive at the scene.


Morality is a common theme throughout Star Wars literature. While portrayed in a very black-and-white manner through the dark side and the light side of the force respectively, some characters (such as Han Solo) explore a grayer area of morality.

Morality itself is a complex subject. What exactly is right and wrong in a universe that has no god to lay down the rules anyway? While most of us would consider Finn's decision to defect from the "evil" First Order to be righteous, to Finn's former comrades-in-arms, his betrayal was the ultimate sin, as they were taught to value loyalty above all else.

In the trying times of the Age of Anarchy, the righteous decision often won't be the easy one, and characters may have to choose between the lesser of evils rather than an obvious right or wrong.

On Force Users

While the number of force-sensitive beings has risen since the collapse of the Empire, the number of people skilled in the ways of the force has not risen much at all between the Jedi purges and the razing of Skywalker's temple, and the destruction of the Sith Eternal. The Age of Anarchy is not like the final years of the Galactic Republic, with Jedi trained since they were children by Jedi Masters that themselves were trained since they were children and with Sith that were sharpened to near-perfection in their dark arts through a millennium under the Darwinian Rule of Two. Rather, the study of the Way of the Force has barely avoided extinction, and those few who practice either the Light Side or the Dark Side of the force are universally far less competent than the Jedi Order and the Sith were at their height.

My general rule of thumb regarding whether or not I will accept a force-sensitive character will be: Does the existence of this character invalidate Disney Canon? If it does, I will request modifications before I accept the character. For instance, if someone decides to make a character who was a Jedi Master who somehow survived the purge and set up a Jedi Academy that was going strong when the First Order-Resistance War began, I would not accept this character, because the existence of such a character would invalidate much of the plot of Force Awakens, as it would be ludicrous for the First Order and the Resistance to dedicate so much attention to trying to find a hidden Luke Skywalker when there is a much more obvious threat/savior in that Jedi Master and his school.

Force users that are students of Rey Skywalker would be part of the Skywalker Academy group while dark side acolytes still loyal to the Sith would be part of the Sith Eternal group. Any other force users would be part of other groups depending on their allegiance, occupation, or residency.

On Empires

The Age of Anarchy is so named because of the lack of central government over the galaxy, which had been a staple of intergalactic affairs for a millennium. While there are a number of loose alliance networks between the numerous independent systems, none of these alliances have close to enough power and influence to build a serious galactic empire. Even the Free Galactic Trade Union is far smaller than the Trade Federation was at its height. However, in Disney canon, there are other empires, such as the Chiss Ascendancy, that exist outside of the known galaxy.

That said, I feel like there is enough setting material to work with that we don't need to be introducing extra- or inter- galactic empires into the game at this time.


The Resistance

The Resistance continues to fight against the Orders three years after their great victory at Exegol. Led by Poe Damron, they will not stop until the foe Leia Organa founded the organization to fight ceases to exist. While the Resistance has the Orders pinned down, wiping out the last remnants has proven to be a bloody challenge.

Despite its role in saving the galaxy from the First and Final Orders, the Resistance has not been able to restore the New Republic that it had tried to protect.

More information on the Resistance can be found here.

The Orders

The Orders are the remaining forces of the First and Final Orders that had tried to reestablish facist rule over the galaxy. That dream was, at least short-term, crushed at the Battle of Exegol and the subsequent uprisings against their occupation of the known galaxy. Now, their goal is to survive, and let their dream be passed down to the next generation that can hopefully succeed where they nearly had.

More information on the Orders can be found here.

The Free Galactic Trade Union

The Free Galactic Trade Union is a collective of powerful intergalactic companies and member systems ostensibly working together to address the economic obstacles that plague the galaxy in the Age of Anarchy. In actuality, the FGTU is mostly concerned with improving the profits of its leaders and is marked by capitalistic exploitation and political corruption. Led by Viceroy Sai Haako, the FGTU uses its economic clout and its droid army to bring new systems and companies under its influence.

More Information the Free Galactic Trade Union can be found here.

The Skywalker Academy

Between the Jedi Purge under the Empire and Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren's cleansing of Luke Skywalker's students, the Jedi Order effectively ceased to exist except through Luke Skywalker himself. Luke would perish during the First Order-Resistance War, but before he did, he passed on much of his knowledge onto a force-sensitive human scavenger from Jakku by the name of Rey. She would then proceed to learn a little more about the ways of the Jedi through Luke's sister, Leia, and through meditation and practice. These skills and her unique force relationship to Leia's son, Ben Solo (aka Kylo Ren) would eventually enable Rey to defeat the zombie Emperor once and for all at the Battle of Exegol.

After that fateful battle, Rey built a new lightsaber, took on the family name of Skywalker, and vowed to continue Luke's work in rebuilding the Jedi Order...

Since then, Rey has pulled together several young force-sensitive beings that were willing to live away from their family (if they had one) for potentially the rest of their lives in order to learn the ways of the light side of the force. When she's not getting students to hold up rocks with their minds, she's taking them on field trips to troubled areas of the galaxy and teaching them how to live out the function of Jedi as the purveyors of justice in the galaxy.

The Sith Eternal

While Disney Canon states that the Sith Eternal were wiped out at the Battle of Exegol, it also says that the Sith Cultists had gone out into the known galaxy and worked to acquire resources that were needed to build their doom fleet. Disney Canon also never mentions the Resistance and the armada of spacers that rescued them doing any kind of a thorough ground sweep of Exegol. Therefore, hypothetically speaking, some Sith Eternal cultists probably could have survived the Battle of Exegol, either by being somewhere in the known galaxy when everything they had worked so hard for was ruined or by being far enough out of the way of the battleground on Exegol that they didn't die during the destruction of the temple and the fleet.

All that to say, if someone wanted to write a Sith Eternal character, it could be justified. All I ask is that such a character shouldn't be so powerful or influential that they would realistically have been involved in the events of Rise of Skywalker.

Independent Systems

With the advent of the Age of Anarchy, most star systems in the galaxy are largely independent (although many have become parts of some informal alliance or another). Anybody working for an independent system or who resides in an independent system and is not seriously loyal to another faction would belong to this category. This would be most residents of the galaxy, if not the most interesting ones.


The Age of Anarchy has become a profitable time for those people or organizations that spit in the face of laws and decency. With no central government to enforce intergalactic law, all most outlaws need to do to escape justice is to take a spaceship to another system. Some systems have agreements with others to return wanted criminals, but this is far from ubiquitous.


The Age of Anarchy has also been good for mercenaries. With no central government to help resolve disputes, conflicts between systems have tended to become violent more readily. There's plenty of demand for guns for hire for these petty disputes. Additionally, bounty hunting is increasingly becoming the method of intergalactic justice, as few others are willing to chase outlaws across the galaxy.


Those few people that don't really live in one place and don't own their loyalty, livelihood or status to any of the other factions or groups fit in this category. Perhaps this person is an itinerant merchant or a spacer who can't seem to hold a job.