OOC - History and Current State of the Resistance

The Resistance originated as a paramilitary organization that was dedicating to combatting the rising power of the malevolent imperial remnant faction that had established itself in the Unknown Region of the galaxy known as the First Order. The organization came into the spotlight when the First Order vaporized the New Republic Capital and main fleet, forcing the Resistance to destroy the superweapon responsible. The Resistance then became the only force to put up a significant fight as the First Order rolled over the galaxy and swiftly conquered it. Despite a number of setbacks and close calls, the Resistance survived the First Order's assault and eventually became the beacon of light that inspired the galaxy to collectively rise up against the invaders.

Spearheading the attack on the now-"Final" Order's secret doom fleet, the Resistance decisively annihilated the Order's high command at the Battle of Exegol, encouraging and enabling the rest of the galaxy to rise up while the Orders couldn't coordinate a suppression strategy. The tide of the war had turned.

Since that day, the Resistance is still respected for its role in the suppression of the First Order and Final Order, but that respect has not been translated into legitimacy as a successor of the New Republic. As a paramilitary organization, the Resistance was never really a state and now finds itself struggling with a number of things that the Rebel Alliance had not when the later triumphed over the Empire. The Rebel Alliance was able to take over governance of much of the former empire, which, significantly, allowed them to inherit much of the Empire's tax base. The victorious Resistance, on the other hand, still has to eek by financially mostly on donations, and those dried up relatively quickly after the Battle of Exegol as the Age of Anarchy went into full swing and everyone began to have their own problems to deal with.

Struggling to sustain their war against the Orders, the Resistance made the controversial decision to begin taxing the worlds in which they were based out of, offering those worlds protection against all threats in return for a steadier source of income. In this way, the Resistance arguably became what they were fighting: a military junta extending governmental control over a handful of worlds. Even so, the Resistance's financial situation remains difficult, with the cost of their increasingly lengthy war leaving them with a hefty debt.

Unlike the New Republic which they had fought so hard to preserve, the Resistance has no civilian leadership. It is instead run by war hero Poe Damron and his staff and sub-commanders, including former First Order trooper Finn who runs the reeducation facilities designed to reintegrate Order POWs into galactic civilization without their dangerous ideals. Running these camps has proven to be a significant challenge, as the tenants, most of whom were indoctrinated nearly from birth to be loyal to the Order's cause, constantly try to escape or take over the camps, leading to many a bloody battle, which the Orders then use as anti-Resistance propaganda to decrease Resistance support and to keep their own troops from surrendering.

Convinced that letting the Orders survive will enable them to take over the galaxy again as the Imperial remnants did, Poe Damron has taken the stance that nothing short of the unconditional surrender of Order forces will be sufficient to end the war. For many, this stance has become unpopular as it becomes obvious that the Orders are no longer the greatest threat to the galaxy and that the Resistance could do greater good for the galaxy if they took on a different role.

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