Guardian of the Galaxy

Responding to spacer distress signals had been one of the ways Rey and her students had given back to the galactic community since they had established the academy. Usually, such signals were from ships experiencing severe technical difficulties (which Rey preferred, as she and her students could then rescue the spacers while having a relatively danger-free practical application lesson in using the force), but she had crossed blades with pirates before in similar such circumstances as to what she was encountering as she responded to the distress signal of a hapless civilian freighter called the Theseus.

As always, time was of the essence during pirate raids, so after sending a message to the freighter informing her captain that she was coming to help (to which, worryingly, she received no reply), Rey had Chewbacca and one of her students park the Millenium Falcon's dock next to the dock of the barge, after which Rey unceremoniously cut through the metal wall with her lightsaber. As the remains of the airlock door fell away, Rey immediately came under fire from a bunch of red-armored figures. She vaguely recalled seeing troopers with that armor before, but as she deflected blaster shots and caught an incoming grenade with the force, she pushed the thought aside and concentrated on the task at hand. Thankfully, Chewbacca was behind her, adding deadly bowcaster bolts into the fray that made short work of the attackers.

Then one of the pirates grabbed a vibroblade and rushed her. As he (or maybe she, Rey couldn't tell through the armor) came at her, Rey was able to glean that whoever it was behind the faceless helmet was driven by a berserk fury. Then their blades met, and Rey quickly found herself on the defensive as she struggled to hold off the terrifyingly fast and strong cuts aimed at her. Even with the power of the force, Rey was only human, while the strength and speed the being she was up against seemed to come from something more. However, the force was a powerful ally, and what Rey lacked in the power and speed of her opponent, she made up for in foresight and economy of movement, and her gift did not come at the expense of reason as the pirate's gifts did. After he (or she) made a wild attack that Rey managed to avoid, the soldier left him/herself exposed, and Rey faked a counterattack to the armored figure's right arm, provoking a heavy parry that, had it caught her saber might have spelled Rey's doom had it thrown her off balance, but as Rey had seen it coming, she instead pulled her blade to safety and delivered a pommel strike to the pirate's now-exposed temple, dropping him/her like a sack of machine parts.

The few remaining pirates fled. Rey reached out with the force and sensed no other sentient life aboard the ship. She had been too late. The entire crew of the Theseus had either been killed or captured. After instructing Chewbacca to cuff the pirate she had dueled and to take him to the Falcon for questioning, Rey pursued the remaining villains. If she was lucky, she'd be able to get onto the pirate's ship, rescue the captured crew, and bring the rest of the pirates to justice...


At first, Bala-Tik had been quite thrilled when he'd learned of the light freighter that had surprisingly responded to the distress signal the Theseus had sent out. Two ships plundered at one stop would be quite a catch. However, there was something uncomfortably familiar about that particular light freighter...

When the freighter predictably parked next to the Theseus' airlock, Bala-Tik ordered his soldiers to be ready. The attempted rescue would be repulsed, and then his men would counterattack through the conveniently provided passage. Today was about to be a profitable day.

And then the airlock door was breached by a lightsaber. Most everyone had heard of the legends of the Jedi and their weapon of choice, and despite their order supposedly being extinct, the warrior wielding the yellow blade quickly demolished his soldiers, and Bala-Tik saw no choice but to order a retreat and cut his losses.

As the last of his raiders made it out of the Theseus into his ship, Bala-Tik planted a bomb in the hallway near to the original hole his troops had cut into the Theseus at the start of the raid. If he couldn't have the Theseus, nobody would. Just as he stepped into the airlock of his vessel, he spotted the Jedi as she came around the corner into the hallway. Locking eyes, he shouted, "I hope you like space, girl!" as he held up the detonator and pressed the button. The force of the blast threw him across the airlock into one of his own men. Dazed, Bala-tik braced himself for the Jedi terminator to stroll gracefully through the smoke and cut them all to bits, but it did not happen. Soon the blast doors closed shut and Bala-tik's co-pilot pulled their ship away from the derelict Theseus. Sighs and giggles of relief broke out among the survivors as they collectively realized that they were safe.

Bala-tik brushed himself off and barked orders at his soldiers to take inventory of their equipment and return to their normal stations, after which he started toward the deck. Once there, he sat heavily in his captain's chair and sighed as they went into hyperspace. All things considered, the raid had still been a success. They had taken the goods that the Final Order had been seeking, and although he had been deprived of a bonus and lost a lot of troops in the process, those people were replaceable. Besides, the knowledge that there was apparently a Jedi that prowled the Western Reaches could be valuable information to somebody. Perhaps Bala-tik could still find a way to profit from this development after all...


Rey shielded her face from the blast, then looked up once the coast was clear. Even before the pirate's ship pulled away she could see that the damage the bomb had caused was going to be a problem. Nonetheless, she was determined to save the unfortunate captured crew of the Theseus (if any quarter had even been given) and bring these villains to justice and end their reign of terror. However, before she took two steps, the pirate ship pulled away, leaving a gaping maw into space that rapidly sucked out the warm, pressurized air of the Theseus. Gritting her teeth, Rey fled back toward where the Millenium Falcon was docked before she too got thrown into space.

As she ran, the systems of the Theseus began to fail one by one, and by the time she reached the battleground, most of the air had been lost and artificial gravity was failing. The corpses and their equipment began to float in front of her as the Theseus began to fall away from the Falcon, and Rey used the force to push a bunch of the obstacles out of her way, accidentally sending a grenade launcher hurtling toward Chewbacca, who was waiting for her at the Falcon's airlock anxiously. As the Theseus began to tumble out into space, Rey desperately leaped out of the ship toward Chewie who reached out grabbed her (after dodging the grenade launcher). After pulling her onboard, the Wookie closed the airlock.

For a few moments, Rey continued to clutch Chewbacca's thick fur as she caught her breath and came to terms with just how close to dying she likely came. Eventually, she let go of him and he set her down. "Thank you," she breathed. Chewie growled in response, and Rey replied, "I'll be more careful, I promise. Now, where did you leave that guy?"

The Wookie gestured down the hallway, and after shooting him a grateful smile, Rey stepped past the grenade launcher and walked until she saw the red armored figure propped against a wall. Rey sat across from the figure and waited for whoever it was behind the helmet to wake up. Someone needed to answer for the crime that had happened today, and hopefully, this person could point Rey in the right direction...

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