Episode I.ii (Echoes)

The storm dragged on for hours, grating sand against the hull throughout the world’s night where she only caught a few hours of sleep. Before the sun rose, the eye glanced just over her hiding place, and she was free to maneuver deeper within the catacomb, neatly placing herself within a literal hole in the wall before the winds picked up and the sand assailed the area once again. Her mentors had not been kidding about Geonosian storms, it seemed.

While initially, she had tried filling the time by running diagnostics and performing maintenance, it had proven fruitless. The damage she was aware of was outside the dropship, and what damage there was on the inside she lacked the replacements for. Funny how she came here to make repairs, only to wind up with more damage.

By late afternoon the following day, the storm had eased into moderate wind and around a mile's worth of visibility. More than good enough to finally disembark.

For the first time in her life, she stepped out onto an alien world. The air was thinner than her home, and had an iron scent, but despite her imaginings, she didn’t feel so different than she was. Perhaps it was the knowledge that she had a lot of work ahead that stopped her from enjoying the moment, perhaps it was the angry warship and her crew loitering in high orbit. Were they still angry about her ducking them like she had? Probably.

With a sigh, she hoisted herself up in the wing and started her inspection.

It could have been worse, the supports weren’t too rattled, but the exterior plates were ripped apart. Some wires had been sheared as well, which at this point just told her she needed to salvage several meters of electrical wiring in various sizes. And finally, one of the turbines was fractured, probably done after she started up to move to safety. No more taking off till she could get all this fixed.

All the while, her attention kept being drawn elsewhere, looking over her shoulder with increasing concern. She’d stop and reorient, searching her peripherals for whatever strange eyes were watching her, but every time all she found was sand, rocks, and rubble. She even conducted a thorough scan once her assessment was finished from within the ship, but no life signs returned. Perhaps she was just being paranoid, worked up from the incident the previous day.

She checked twice before calling her immediate vicinity all clear and prepping the bike for travel. Surely there was someone on this world with the necessary parts, or she would run across a burnt out and abandoned industrial center with materials to salvage. After all, wasn’t that what Geonosis was known for?

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