Episode 1 Interlude (B1-C087's Mission)

While the Mandalorian Veye of Clan Retas attempted to find salvage with which to repair her ship, elsewhere on the desert hellscape of Geonosis, other organic lifeforms also found themselves in a difficult situation. These lifeforms not the native Geonosians, whom had reportedly been exterminated several decades ago by the old Galactic Empire, but rather, these unfortunate lifeforms were the successors of that Empire. These were soldiers of the First Order, and they wore their white armor proudly.

However, the locals were not happy to see them, and were doing their best to eradicate them without mercy.

Strangely, the locals were not organics themselves; rather, they were B1 Battle Droids. Yet they were not normal B1 Battle droids. Instead, their eyes glowed with an eerie red light and they seemed to be possessed by some force. What force that was, B1-C087 could not tell, but he was determined to find out.

B1-C087 did consider himself to be a normal Battle Droid, although being a commander unit, he stood above the rank and file of the typical B1 units of the Free Galactic Trade Union. Serving in the Special Projects Department, B1-C087 had come to Geonosis to manage security for a team that was tasked with identifying an ideal site for a colony on the planet. B1-C087 had failed at his task when this team had come under assault by the very locals that were now pursuing the First Order. During the attack on this camp by the Possessed B1s, B1-C087 had been able to intercept the signals the attackers were using to communicate with one another, and after decrypting the signals, was able to pass himself off as one of them. Unfortunately, by the time he had achieved this, the rest of the team, including the organic surveyors he had been assigned to protect, had all been killed.

That had been weeks ago. Since that time, B1-C087 had decided that his only recourse was to discover the force that controlled the possessed B1 units and either eliminate it, or better yet, usurp it so as to make guarantee the success of future surveying missions. So far he had not had any success in identifying this force. Then he heard signals from the locals mobilizing against an intruder, and B1-C087 decided to check out the scene in case it was another team from the Free Galactic Trade Union. Instead, these invaders were First Order Scavengers. The locals had brought Proton Cannons with them to the site and chased off the ships that the First Order had been loading scrap from an old Separatist foundry onto. From there, the First Order troopers that had not been able to evacuate had performed a fighting retreat across the desert against continuous assault from the locals until another one of their ships had come to the scene. Unfortunately for them, the Possessed B1s had managed to shoot down that ship, and thus the retreat continued.

This B1-C087 had witnessed from a safe distance away. Once the battle had moved on, B1-C087 moved toward the fallen ship. If he could repair it, the vessel could prove to be of much use for getting across the surface of the planet at a much faster pace than walking on foot… assuming he could convince the locals to not attack him when he was inside it.

About half an hour late, B1-C087 reached the scene of the battle. He noted that the fallen hulks of the possessed B1-s outnumbered the corpses of the First Order troopers by almost 10 to 1. That said something about both the skill of the invading soldiers as well as the sheer numbers of the possessed droids. He would have to be careful to avoid violence with either faction if he wanted to succeed in his mission. Continuing toward the fallen ship, B1-C087 identified it as an AAL-1971 and examined his memory files on the specifications of the ship. After scanning those files and appraising the fallen vessel, B1-C087 came to the conclusion that the ship could likely (that being a 78.3% probability) be repaired using salvage from the foundry that was about a kilometer away. Hauling the salvage from the site by himself would be a chore, as would repairing the damaged parts of the shuttle. After running some calculations, B1-C087 determined that repairing the shuttle would be worthwhile if and only if he could convince the locals not to attack it. With that in mind, B1-C087 moved toward a pile of fallen units and pulled one out of the wreckage that had an intact CPU and attached head and dragged it toward the shuttle.


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