OOC - History and Current State of the Orders

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Galactic Empire, the remaining imperial loyalists splintered into various factions, with only two of those surviving more than a decade. The First Order was an imperial remnant faction that fled into the unknown regions of galactic space and managed to establish a powerful state under the rule of a military dictatorship that held onto the fascist ideals of the Empire. Out of the view of the New Republic, they built a powerful army and navy, as well as a terrifying superweapon, that when they felt the time was right, they unleashed upon the galaxy.

Meanwhile, a separate faction of Sith cultists, calling themselves the Sith Eternal, resurrected the Emperor and also secretly built a powerful military on the super-secret planet of Exegol, and when they felt the time was right, convinced the First Order to merge into them, establishing the Final Order, which was then promptly eradicated by the Resistance at the Battle of Exegol.

This left the First Order forces who had been establishing themselves in the greater galaxy in quite a pickle, as their high command had been at Exegol during the climactic battle, and on top of not having a central command to coordinate suppression of all the subsequent uprisings, they also now didn't know quite what to call themselves. While their leaders had technically committed them to the Final Order, those leaders were now dead, and for most First Order troops, their new uniforms hadn't even arrived yet by the time everything went to hell in a handbasket.

The result of all this was that the remnants of the Orders had a number of significant sources of internal division, including what their battle plan should be, who should lead them, and whether they were the First Order, the Final Order, or if they should just rebrand themselves. These internal divisions often led to violent conflict between Order factions as ambitions commanders strove to place themselves at the head of the movement.

Over the past three years, the general plans of the remaining Order groups have changed, at least short term, from one of galactic conquest to one of survival. Reflecting this change in strategy is the tactical shift from conventional warfare to guerilla warfare, leading many Order Troopers to paint their armor from a fear-inducing (but extremely noticeable) white or red to the colors of their environment in order to more effectively pull off hit-and-run attacks. Additionally, several Order Cells have taken to trying to negotiate an armistice with the Resistance in order to preserve themselves and their way of life, a plan that has so far met with failure due to the unyielding belligerence of Poe Damron.

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