New Beginnings - pt.III

Mos Eisley Cantina, Mos Eisley, Tatooine.

Brusso had successfully pricked both her pride and loyalty enough that her reaction is more emotional than she intended. She slams her left hand on the table and cusses in Devoranese before getting her temper in check. The fact that the Weequay suddenly had a blaster aimed at her before her palm had touched the table certainly helped quench her temper. With great mental effort she focus's on Brusso, not the blaster, and states through clenched jaws. “That was Soom's call, not mine. He was captain, he made the calls.”
Brusso's wings slow back down and he waives the Weequay down, who's blaster disappears up a sleeve as fast as it had appeared. “Hah. Already throwing him to the Gundark.” Brusso nods then thrusts a finger at her. “Tell me, what would you have done as Captain on that run.” He demands, curiosity evident in his beady eyes.
Her temper already up she snaps out the first words that come to mind. “I wouldn't have taken that Gods damned job.”
The Weequay snorts out a short laugh at that but Brusso frowns. “Not what I asked.” He snaps at her.
Noxx takes a few sips of her water to give her some time to get her emotions under control and considers her answer carefully. She has spent countless hours since that run considering this very question. “Fine, assuming I had taken the job...” She stops to have a sip of water before continuing. “If I had dropped out of hyperspace where we did the corvette and destroyer were both just out of tractor and weapons range. The only ships close enough were a bunch of Tie's. I had flipped the Nawarmaku using her alignment thrusters and punch it at full burn before the Tie's even twitched. I made for that debris field just past the second moon, slipped through the edge when we spotted the second destroyer lurking behind it. So I popped out and spot destroyer just waiting from me. I spiral rolled right back into the debris before they could lock on with anything.”
Her words slow as she talks, the memory is still painful. That was when Hun had dumped their cargo. The red flashing cargo lights at her in the co-pilot's seat had hit her like blaster shots to the chest. Then insult to injury, Soom activates the hyper-drive and blind jumped.
“I would have used that debris field as cover and made an oblique run for the second moon, avoiding the Cap ships. Slingshot the moon for the speed to loose the Tie's long enough for a hyper-jump. Make contact and reschedule delivery and renegotiate our fee.” She says this with absolute confidence in her ability to pull it off with nothing more than a few scorch marks and a bunch of embarrassed loser Order fools wondering what happened.
Brusso doesn't look anywhere near impressed with her answer and starts making a rude sound but is surprisingly silenced by the Weequay. “Enough Brusso. We like this one, she has grit and brain.” His voice is a surprisingly smooth lilting tenor that in no way matches his appearance. “Go fly away now, your fee has already been paid.”
Without another word Brusso's wings spring to life and he flutters through the screen, leaving Noxx alone with the Weequay. Whom she is rapidly reassessing as far more than a simple hired gun or typical Weequay.
Once the Toydarian is passed the screens the Weequay flashes her a bright smile and his entire demeanor changes becoming confidently relaxed and friendly. Like an old friend eager to get reacquainted again. “Forgive the little subterfuge but life is... interesting of late and we cannot be too cautious.” Raising a hand to make a point he pauses, and shrugs while showing her his palms. “Ah, we are ahead of ourself. We are Kaen-Wee and we respresent the Ebys Sand Clan. We are a small Clan now but we grow every season.” He gives a bow of his head and shoulders, making it look both elegant and formal despite his rough attire.
Noxx can't help but smile in response and nods her head stiffly back, more fascinated by his voice than his introduction. “Pleasure to meet you Kaen-Wee. You can call me Noxx.” After a pause in which she can't help but wonder if he sings she get's her mind back to business. “Now that introductions are done, can we get to business ?”
Kaen-Wee flashes her another friendly smile and starts animatedly talking, his hands constantly moving in emphasis of his words. “Of course, business. Yes.” He nods and leans forward a little more. “We have recently found ourselves in need of a pilot. Interesting story that, but we can share that another time. Suffice it to say we need you to help us pilot an old Imperial ship to Corellia where we already have a buyer arranged. You will travel with us in the NickNack, my brothers ship and we will collect the ship. It is fate my friend to be, fate. Today we acquired the final piece of equipment we need and we find a pilot just when we need her the most. Now don't fret, this is a legitimate salvage find, we won't have any legal troubles. That doesn't mean it will be a safe trip, there are still Order and Imperial remnants with strong proprietory intentions on all things Imperial. We offer 3% profit on sale for your services and another 2% for your discretion.”
Noxx can't deny she is very interested but the details she needs most are scarce. But 5% of profit on salvage.... if it's one of the larger transports and if the thing is pristine she could be halfway to her own ship with this one run. “I am, interested but need a bit more detail before I can agree to the fee.” She ticks off the points on her hand as she goes. “What is the ship, that's important. What condition is the ship in, just as important. How long a trip are we talking about here, assuming no problems. I need a partial payment up front, call it a deposit for my services. Finally, hazard pay. If things go sideways and I have to save the day I want hazard pay.”
“Hmm, shrewd as well.” Kaen-Wee murmurs before declaring. “Yes, we will be friends!” Rubbing his hands together briskly before leaning in conspiratorially, despite the still active privacy screen. “Our prize is a Star Galleon in pristine condition.” He whispers loudly, his grin growing as fast as Noxx's eyes.
Her controlled expression cracks under the credulity of it. Leaving her gaping at Kaen-Wee in childlike wonder “Star Galleon? Pristine? But how... Where.. Dear Gods, you going to need more than just a pilot for that beast.” No longer worried about the distance or insulted by the low percentage of her fee. Her heart and her instincts having already accepted the offer and leaving her brain to catch up. With some effort she composes herself. “5% hazard pay and 2 thousand up front and I'm yours.” she declares. Taking her glove off her left hand and offering it to seal the deal.
“3% hazard pay.” He counters and when she nods he briefly crushes her hand in his heavily calloused grip then pulls out and hands over a credit chip. “We leave tonight, Meet us at the Southern Gate in three hours. It's a long ride to our camp but we will be there before morning and we can tell you the wonderful story of how we found a Star Galleon.

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