Salvage Run ~ Interlude I

Day 1, 09 hours since entering hyperspace:
Having already been denied access to everything that really interests Noxx aboard the Nick-Nakk; specifically the bridge, engines and every other ship system. Noxx had retreated to her bunk and silently sulked about those limits until boredom finally sets in. She then soothed herself reading up on the specs and schematics for the YT-1400 and a few hours later started studying everything she had on Star Galleons.
Now, still wide awake nine hours into the trip Noxx sighs and drops her data-pad on the bunk beside her in silent frustration. Tired of reading, dreadfully bored, restless and still disgruntled about being 'cargo' instead of 'crew'. Nika Su's soft snoring is definitely not helping her mood in any way. The girl had curled up in her bunk before lift off and immediately started emitting a soft whistling tune with every inhale.
With another frustrated sigh Noxx quietly slips off her bunk. After a brief pause she shakes her head and leaves her weapon harness and coat alone. Instead she pulls a lightweight jumpsuit and a small bag out of her duffel. Then she changes as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake up Nika Su, and just as quietly stuffs everything else back into the duffel. Then with the small bag in hand she heads for one of the few places she can make use of, the gym. Conveniently located down the passage from her cabin.
Originally a small cargo hold it had long ago been converted into a small gym, having several pieces of compact exercise equipment built into the walls on either side and standing before the far wall are two inactive sparring droids. The floor is matted and marked with a large thick red circle with several more thinner circles fitting inside it and each other.
To Noxx's relief the gym is empty, the equipment secured, the two droids stand offline and charging. Ignoring the equipment Noxx drops her bag on the edge of the sparring mat and begins her normal stretching routine, all the while eyeing the droids speculatively. After a good twenty minutes she has finally worked all the kinks out and she sits cross-legged beside her bag. She pulls four long strips of cloth out of the bag and tightly wraps her hands and feet. Being careful not to constrict them too much. Satisfied she then slips on a pair of padded shoes and padded finger-less gloves before walking over to study the two droids better.
They are both humanoid in form but very different in design. One is a good half meter taller and wider than Noxx. Having long arms, heavy blunt hands and a flat little head tucked tight to it's heavy chassis. There are markings all over the droid to indicate key strike points. The other droid is closer to Weequay in size, build and proportions, being centimeters shorter than her. Notably it has significantly fewer key strike points marked than the larger one. Noxx eventually decides on the smaller droid, more interested in speed then brute force, and activates it before backing to the centre of the inner circle to wait.
The droids optical sensors, or eyes as Noxx thinks of them, light up with a cool blue color. It steps forward and faces her before stating in Galactic. “You are not in my database. From you attire I must assume you are a guest aboard.” The droid then walks to the edge of the circle before facing her with a short bow. “How may I be of service.” It demands with more resignation than enthusiasm.
“Sparring partner, unarmed, full contact. Let's start with your base setting and adjust to accommodate.” Noxx answers tersely, uninterested in pleasantries with a depressed droid.
“Understood.” With another bow the advances and they begin. The droids first attack is fast but simple and Noxx easily pushes it aside before landing three rapid punches to several of the strike points on it's torso. The droids eyes flash green with each strike and it immediately retreats to the edge of the circle. “Well done madam, adjusting difficulty.”
It's eyes change back to blue and they begin again. This time moving with a more speed and force. Noxx's defense holds but she is forced back briefly before she is able to spin behind the droid, easily rapping several strike points on it's back in passing. Again the droid begins to retreat to the edge of the circle. With her adrenaline up Noxx is suddenly impatient, and feeling cocky, with these stops. She barks at the droid. “Continuous sparring, no pauses.”
The droid pauses and it's eyes shift to a shade of yellow as it chirps affirmation. This time the droid is much more canny, no longer allowing Noxx the control or opportunities it had earlier. Almost immediately the droid breaks through her defenses and connects with a solid straight kick to her hip, dropping Noxx to one knee. Going with the flow she rolls away from the next strike and springs to her feet again, a feral grin blooming as the droid continues with another series of strikes.
They spar for a solid minute without either getting an advantage and when Noxx finally does the droid immediately adjusts and changes tactics completely. Effectively drowning her defenses under a barrage of strikes and grapples that she barely avoids.
Noxx rolls past another attach backs off to the edge of the mat trying to catch her breath. The droid stops the moment she leaves the circle and waits. “Enough.” She finally gasps. “Take ten or something.”
The droid stands immobile with the infinite patience of it's kind. Once she stops gasping she turns back to the droid and asks. “What setting was that ?”
“27% efficacy madam, I am programmed with Master Levels in 14 different forms of unarmed combat. Would you like to continue at a higher level of difficulty?”
That bursts Noxx's happy moment pretty quickly. It also pushes the fatigue from her conscious awareness. 'I'll bloody show you 27%, bloody arrogant piece of tin' “No, same settings.” She responds sharply and steps into the circle again, her pride now roused. The droid immediately reacts and they begin again
Their tempo is just as fast but both of them are more cautious in their attacks and defense. After almost a minute Noxx scores a fast hook on the droids head. The droid changes tactics, suddenly moving faster than she can react. Grabbing her guard arm and spinning into a maneuver that sends her to the mat with the droid straddling her back with her arm in a painful lock. Noxx quickly taps the mat with her free hand in submission and the droid releases her.
Noxx picks herself up and waives the droid on again. For the next two hours they spar, pausing for many breaks for her to catch her breath. As the time passes those breaks become more frequent and longer. Much to her chagrin Noxx doesn't land another clean strike on the droid. Instead being forced to spend focus on defense, deflecting and dodging, and getting tossed around embarrassingly too often.
Exhausted Noxx eventually just stays down after being tossed flat on her back, again. Waiving her hands in abject surrender she gives up, sending the droid back to its charge station without a word. Lost in the after affects of a hard physical work-out and happily floating on that delightful slow pace of her normally frantic thoughts she closes her eyes and stretches out. She has never liked being idle for long as a general rule, but moments like this are one of the few exceptions. Too physically tired to be fidgety and mentally cleansed of frantic thoughts and emotional frustrations.
The faint sound of footsteps on the edge of the mat tickle her ears and shatter her serenity. Without hesitation she rolls away and to her feat in one smooth motion, scanning the hold as she does. Just inside the hatch squat six Weequay, several others are in the passage behind them and another is standing on the edge of the mat looking rather surprised at Noxx's speedy reaction. The rest of the Weequay suddenly erupt into activity, exchanging small piles of cred's with plenty of curses and laughter but very few words. Meanwhile the lone Weequay's eyes spend way too much time looking over Noxx for her liking, in any way.
Noxx pulls her lips back to show off her teeth while squaring up to the Weequay. A large muscular male with biceps as thick as her calf and enough scars to intimidate anyone. 'Crap, I've had nightmares prettier than him. Well, let's try and cut this at the root.' “You have a problem?”
The Weequay matches her glare for glare before deliberately runs his eyes down her body with a lear. The rage flashes through Noxx's mind like a small nova, driving her body into action before the Weequay can begin to react. Slamming the curled fingers of her right hand into his throat before grabbing his neck and driving his temple into her rising knee. The crack of the impact is truly impressive, so is the pain that flares in her knee. The big Weequay is sprawled on the mat, unconscious. Noxx looks over at the others, all of them sitting silently in surprise. She addresses the crowd, spacing her words to ensure they understand. “I. Don't. Play. That. Game. Understood?”

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