OOC - History and Current State of the Free Galactic Trade Union

From all of the destruction and suffering brought about from the First Order-Resistance War, there was truly was only one winner, and that was the corporations that profited by providing the equipment that the belligerent factions used to kill each other. This capital would prove to be extremely valuable in the hectic, post-Exegol galactic economy.

Many systems in the galaxy found their economies smarting in the wake of the tyranny of the First Order and from the cost of raising the forces needed to fight them off. To raise the revenue needed to pay off their debts, many systems increased taxes and tariffs, significantly harming intergalactic trade. It was this problem that the Free Galactic Trade Union was ostensibly formed to solve.

The organization that became the Free Galactic Trade Union began as a group of powerful companies that came together to try to use their collective influence to get local star systems to lower their taxes and tariffs in order to increase the profit margins of the member companies. This organization quickly fell under the sway of an ambitious Neimoidian by the name of Sai Haako, a descendant of one of the long-gone Trade Federation's leading lieutenants. Under her guidance, the Free Galactic Trade Union was molded in the likeness of the Trade Federation and the Techno Union that had held great influence in the twilight years of the Galactic Republic. Her family had also secretly maintained plans of the various droid foundries used to produce the military units of the Trade Federation and the later CIS Army and she pressured the FGTU leadership to take advantage of the plans to quickly assemble a large (although quite dated) military force which the organization could use to offer protection to member worlds... and other things.

Unimpeded by any kind of Republic or Empire, soon-to-be Viceroy Haako's plan went off without a hitch. Using her acquired influence and command over the droid army, Sai attained supreme executive power over the Free Galactic Trade Union and then turned the military and economic might of her organization to extend the control of the FGTU over nearby star systems and other intergalactic corporations...

As the Age of Anarchy has progressed, the authority of the Free Galactic Trade Union has expanded to include several dozen star systems and hundreds of large corporations with no apparent end to their growth in sight. While propaganda paints the member worlds of the FGTU as being more prosperous, the truth is more complicated. The exploitation of natural resources and workers by influential member companies is a common characteristic of FGTU governance along with political and corporate corruption. After all, for most of the people running the FGTU, the important thing is making a lot of credits. However, for the Viceroy, this is an opportunity to restore her family's honor and get back at those who held her people down (or at least their descendants). With the Resistance being in debt to companies within the FGTU and the Orders being on the back foot, all the cards appear to be in Viceroy Haako's hands and it is only a matter of time before she snuffs out the remnants of the Empire and the Republic that so humiliated her ancestors.

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