Salvage Run ~ Interlude II

Day 5, 22 hours since entering hyperspace:

The faint whine of the servos in her new support brace is irritating but, as far as Noxx is concerned, well worth it. She nods her thanks to the medic droid as she steps out of the cramped med bay, her daily check-up complete. The fractured cartilage of her knee cap is healing nicely and she should be out of the brace in another few days. With that good news Noxx wanders over to the guest lounge by her bunk. The few members of the 'crew', as Noxx had taken to mentally calling the Weequay, she passes all give her a friendly smile or comment in passing.
Since she had flattened JiQuo, the chef surprisingly enough, they had been much friendlier and even extending that to Nika Su. Not the toughest or meanest Weequay, JiQuo does have the dubious honor of being the most scarred and intimidating in appearance aboard the Nick-Nakk. In standing up to JiQuo, a deliberate test to see how she would react, she proved her worth. What impressed the Weequay most was the fact that Noxx had walked to the med bay on a broken knee without asking for assistance. Her ruminations are interrupted as she steps into the lounge and a palpably cold silence.
JiQuo and four other Weequay are seated around the large table, its surface littered with piles of credit chits and three chance cubes. Their eyes, and focus however, are on Oden Bol. Standing in front of his quarters in his usual stiff backed posture and arrogant expression Oden Bol glares right back at them. The silent tension is enough to make Noxx pause in the entrance but as nobody is moving for weapons she figures it was safe enough for now and makes her way over and joining the Weequay at the table, her back to Oden.
“What's crawled up his butt this time ?” She asks while digging out some credit chits and bouncing them in her palm. The wiry Weequay directly across from her snorts irritably before responding. “Reality.” The other three chuckle at that and promptly ignore the human to focus on their game. Noxx drops her chits and joins the game.
With all of them actively ignoring him Oden Bol grunts something before spinning around and storming back into his quarters, followed by the raucous laughter of the WeeQuay and Noxx. JiQuo pushes the cubes in front of Noxx and the game resumes.
“No like food, smell, noise, us.” JuJu mutters as he ante's up. “Now he demand 'Status Update, location and eta-something.” The others chuckle and ante up along with Noxx. “Like we tell him. Don't tell you, like you better than stupid Human.”
Noxx laughs along with the others, having become resigned to the secrecy over the last few days. Not, she admits to herself, as if she was going to stop trying to tease that information from the crew. Just that she has become convinced her attempts would be futile but at least entertaining. She tosses the cubes and curses loudly as her ante is swept away.
One thing Noxx has learned is that the crew are pretty much all compulsive gamblers to varying degrees. Most are willing to bet on practically everything. In fact JuJu made serious credits betting on Noxx dropping JiQuo in the gym. It is almost a religion for them with it's own complex set of strict rules she is only beginning to define. Regardless, their company is relaxing and hilariously blunt. They also take a lot of pride in teaching Noxx how to 'gamble properly'.
JuJu pointedly looks down at her brace with a smirk. “How soon now ?” He asks not bothering to hide his smugness any more than the others bother to hide their scowls. Noxx narrows her eyes and gives JuJu a disapproving frown. “You're betting on when it comes off.” She declares before shaking her head. “No more inside information for you.” She declares loudly to everyone's laughter.
Soon as the next round is finished JiQuo scoops up his chits and heads back to the galley. Noxx takes the opportunity to change the game, pulling out a sabac deck and giving the table a challenging look. JuJu winces a little but the others have no objections. Dice cubes are fun but rely on luck. Sabac on the other-hand took skill, although luck is always welcome. Besides, everyone knows that JuJu is mediocre at Sabac and Noxx is hoping to get some of her credits back.
As they play on others drift through, some joining them, others just watching and adding an entertaining stream of color commentary. Noxx slowly recoups her previous losses from JuJu over a couple hours. Much to everyone's amusement except perhaps JuJu, although he still continues with the joking banter.
Mikte, another pilot, joins the game and within two hands cleans them both out. Disgusted JuJu throws his cards down, jumps up and storms off in a theatrical huff. Not willing to loose more credits Noxx get's up and exit's the game as well but with far more grace. The laughter of the remaining players follows her into her cabin before being shut out when the door hisses shut.
Nika Su is stretched out on her bunk reading another datapad and gives her a quick smile before going back to her reading. With a dejected sigh Noxx kicks off her boots before stripping down to her under-suit and the stupid brace. Muttering under her breath the whole time about the foolishness of gambling with WeeQuay. A mantra that seems to becoming something of a habit but with the gym off limits it was also the only entertainment aboard.
Nika Su's soft snickering chuckle proves she was not quiet enough in her complaining. “Hush you.” Noxx retorts as she climbs into her bunk and sprawls out. “I didn't loose as much today and it wasn't JuJu this time.”
“Like that makes it any better. I told you they will happily clean you out of everything including your share. Much as they like you, they are scoundrels and pirates.” Nika Su softly chides her as she turns off the data pad and her light.
“I know. They are pretty honest about that in a strangely humorous way.” Noxx turns off her light, plunging the cabin into darkness. “Still, I'd rather their company over Bol's hands down.” Nika Su makes a disgusted gagging sound at the human's mention. Letting Noxx know her sentiment was shared. “Exactly.”

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