Prologue: Relic of an old world

Commander Tarvis entered the medical suite of the Star destroyer without poorly things have gone with the resistance lately he hoped the doctors on board could provide good news. "What's the news on our patient" he asked in a slightly annoyed tone towards the medical officer in front of him, he was not one to have his time wasted if the update could have been provided over coms.

"The patient is awake and fully recovered from the time spent in stasis his injuries might have been a problem decades ago but we were able to fix them with relative ease" the officer replied looking over a data slate before continuing "the only minor concern was we had to remove a chip within his brain due to it being heavily damaged it's function is unknown but the injury did not cause any lasting effects to the patient."

Ignoring the rest of the of her speech he entered the medical suite sitting on one of the beds was a tan skinned, human male with the build of a veteran soldier in the face he once shared with army of millions.

"CT 9095" Tarvis spoke in a loud voice of authority causing the clone to stand to attention without thought, an instinct that had been bred into him since birth "welcome to the First Order."

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