Salvage Run ~ Interlude IV

Day 7, 04 hours since entering hyperspace:

With the loss of power also goes the gravity. Years of living and working in space have honed Noxx's reflexes and instincts well and she automatically adjusts to the loss of gravity, grabbing her bag with one hand and launching herself in a slow glide towards the hatch. The loss of power had also triggered the ships safety settings, causing all internal hatches to automatically seal in case of hull breaches. Having already memorized the specs for the Nick-Knakk she makes quick work of exposing the manual release controls beside the hatch and with some brief effort cranks the hatch open enough for her to fit through.
Quickly securing her bag straps around her waist Noxx then wiggles through the hatch and down the hall. Using her hands and feet to brush the sides and guide her movements she makes her way to her cabin through the dim chemical emergency lights. The temperature has already dropped enough start feeling chilly by the time she reaches the hatch to her cabin. She can hear muffled shouting and clanging sounds from other parts of the ship as she cranks open the hatch. As it slowly opens up she can see Nika already stuffing herself into a soft shelled enviro-suit. By the time the hatch is open enough to fit through Nika is dressed. “What happened?'
“No idea. I was in the gym when everything went dead.” Noxx responds while pulling her own enviro-suit. Like Nika's it's a soft shell and looks more like heavy coveralls than a space suit, great for storage but lacking the armour of most space suits. “If nobodies panicking we should have a few hours of breathable air. The more panic the shorter that will be. The temperature on the other hand is gonna start dropping fast.”
As Noxx speaks Nika seats her helmet without sealing it. Noxx nods approval at that and continues talking as she straps her weapons belt on. “We dropped out of hyperspace maybe a micro-second before we lost all power. The only thing I know that can dump us out of hyperspace is a gravity well. Artificial, considering we're alive.....” Noxx digs into her coat, pulling a compact blaster and stuffing it along with a few other useful items into the pockets of her suit. “And considering the power loss I'm guessing an Interdictor or a Grav-mine. Either way we should be getting visitors any time now.” She tosses another compact blaster to Nika then starts cranking the door open enough to fit her suit through.
“I'm going to the cockpit and find out what's going on. You can hole up here or come with me.” Noxx says before propelling herself through the hatch and towards the cockpit, the shouting has faded but now she can hear the sounds of frantic activity coming from the both engines and the cockpit. The air now decidedly cold. Skipping caution Noxx practically flies through the halls at break-neck speed, passing a few Weequay rushing towards the docking hatch with heavy armaments at the ready.
She reaches the cockpit to find the Captain and flight crew frantically trying to get any of the electronics to start up. Smoke is curling from an open panel above the nav systems. Even as Noxx is about to offer assistance the hum of ship systems kicks back in, both the lights and gravity come online. Then immediately go back off again amid a lot of clanging and cursing echoing from the engine room.
Nika bounces into Noxxes back as the Captain turns to look at them. “Probable boarders. Help secure dorsal docking hatch.” He barks this then turns back to the smoking panel. Noxx doesn't waste time responding, turning and springing away towards the dorsal hatch with Nika trailing behind at a more rational pace.
When they arrive they find JuJu and six Weequay positioned to turn the entry into a kill box. Noxx and Nika take up the positions JuJu directs them to and settle in to wait. The minutes begin to tick by at a painful pace with nothing happening.

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