Salvage Run ~ Interlude V

Day 7, 05 hours since entering hyperspace:

They had been waiting for close to an hour in tense silence before JuJu's comm buzzes, making everyone twitch. He clicked it and the Captain's voice can be heard over it's speaker. “Stand down. Life support and gravity will be on within ten minutes. All stations confirm.” JuJu clicks his comm again. “Dorsal hatch standing down.” With a waive JuJu sent the others back towards the cargo/barracks section before following without a word to Noxx or Nika. Nika, also without a word, eagerly hands Noxx's blaster back before taking off at speed towards their cabin.
“Am I the only one seriously confused by all this crap?” She asked the now empty corridor rhetorically before tucking the blaster away and heading for the cockpit and the Captain. 'Damn this, I want to know what the flipping feck is happening.' Noxx launched herself down the hall towards the cockpit, bouncing off the walls in the turns.
She arrived at the open cockpit hatch as the life support systems started up with their ever comforting hums. She breaks her moment and stays conspicuously just outside the hatch. Inside, JoJo sits in the pilot’s seat with the Captain leaning over her looking at the data displays. Two others are seated at the navigation and engineering stations while a third is laying underneath the console base carefully working on the electronics. JoJo and the Captain look up at her with equal measures of frustration and curiosity, the others ignore her entirely.
“Anyone care to explain what the frick is going on?” She demands of the room, keeping her eyes locked on the Captain’s. He returned her stare with a hard, cold expression of his own. JoJo’s expression was no better.
“No.” He snaps back before looking past her and barking an order. “Secure our ‘guest’ in her quarters.”
Noxx glances behind her at the two burly and armed Weequay standing right behind her in the newly restored gravity. Looking back at the Captain in confusion. “Seriously?”
He doesn’t respond to her response, instead instructing them to disarm her. At which a blaster gently nudged her spine to let her know it wasn’t a suggestion. With a frustrated sigh Noxx slowly raised her arms and let them pat her down before collecting all her weapons, including her gloves. The whole time she studied the Captain and JoJo, looking for any hints or clues.
Another nudge with the blaster and a heavy push got her moving back to her quarters at a fast walk, bracketed by two armed Weequay. Noxx hadn’t met either one before now which is surprising enough after seven days aboard the same ship. But the sudden coldness towards her by the Captain and crew was much more upsetting.
They reach the lounge in front of her cabin in time to see another set of Weequay guarding the hatch to it and Oden Bol’s cabin while Nika and Oden Bol sullenly sit in the lounge under the eyes of more armed guards. JuJu and three others methodically searched both cabins, confiscating every weapon, every piece of electronics, every tool, piece of equipment and any object that looked like it could hide something. All of this was put into heavy metal containers stacked in the lounge.
Once satisfied they started hauling the containers away while JuJu approached with a scanner in hand. He takes his time scanning all three of them, making multiple scans at different settings. With cold hard commands he collects more items to go into a container, including their enviro-suits. Finally satisfied, Noxx and the others are herded back into their cabins.
After the hatch hissed closed in her face she couldn’t help but notice the plate welded over the inside access panel, and the other plate welded over the computer access panel. The rest of the cabin is a mess. Her duffel, Nika’s duffel, most of their contents and pretty much everything but some toiletries, some clothes, and the package of food cubes Noxx had picked up on Tatooine. All of it scattered across the floor.
Terrified and furious Noxx turns to Nika glaring into her eyes from inches away. “What the Frolicking Ice Hells is going on here.” She demands, flashing her sharp teeth with each word. Nika tries to back up but there simply isn’t much space and Noxx doesn’t allow her any of it. Effectively cornered, Nika’s eyes dart about Noxx’s face but refuse to look directly into her eyes. Her hands begin to flutter nervously as she stammers protests of innocence.
Noxx can’t tell if she is lying, the only thing she can sense from Nika is fear. Fear of being caught or fear of being locked up with a furious Devaronian, or both. As much as she is tempted to push it further she knows it won’t benefit anyone. Having made that decision quickly enough it still takes Noxx a minute to reign in her emotions enough to back away and stop snarling into her face. Instead Noxx snarls at everything else as she carefully picks up and organizes the few belongings of hers that they had left behind.
“I really don’t know what happened.” Nika whispers into the simmering silence.
Noxx’s back tightens up and her hands stiffen for a moment before taking a deep breath and releasing her tension with it. Putting her clothes away before hopping up onto her bunk and stretching out without once looking at Nika. “I can’t tell if you're lying or not and at this point it doesn’t really matter. We are in the same cell regardless of the cause.”
Noxx can hear Nika collect her own meager belongings and climb into her own bunk before asking in a timid voice. “What will they do to us now?”
“I don’t know. We’re still alive so that’s a good start. Now shut up and let me sleep.” Noxx answers just as softly then turns the lights out.
For an hour Noxx stares into the darkness and tries to control the fear still coursing through her system before sleep finally claims her. Her dreams are just as troubled as her day.

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