Shadows in the Sands

It was amazing how much had changed for Rey Skwalker in the last four years. Once upon a time when danger reared its head, Rey would deal with it head on or avoid it if nothing else was at stake. Now, peoples lives depended on her, in this case her students', and she had keep them safe. Rey didn't know how she'd live with herself if one of the got maimed or killed on her watch and that was a vulnerability she didn't know how to address. The old Jedi Code spoke of an attitude of detachment from relationships, but Rey didn't understand how she could meet the needs of her students if she didn't care about them. Perhaps there was a happy medium that she had yet to understand, despite the amount of meditation she had done on the topic.

With Reis and her other Wardens taking over training for the day, Rey took the opportunity to sit in the meditation chamber she furbished into the old imperial observation tower she had renovated and established as the base for her school. While Rey trusted Reis' feelings regarding the threat he had sensed, she wanted to sense for herself what was out there and see if there was anything else she could glean.

For awhile Rey could feel nothing, but eventually she picked up on a trace of dark energy and malevolent intent from somewhere near Niima Outpost. She reached out further with the Force hoping to learn more but was disappointed. Reis had been correct, something or someone was out there, but what it was she could not determine.

After trying and failing once more to learn more of the hostile presence, Rey admitted defeat and considered her options. Ultimately, she decided that Reis' recommendations were probably best. She would send him and one of her other Wardens to investigate. After a moment, she decided that the well-learned Ukobo Phe would be best, as perhaps he had stumbled upon whatever was out there in his travels or through his research.

Rising from her position, left the meditation chamber and took the elevator down to the main training room floor, where she watched her Wardens teach the last few minutes of class. Rey never ceased to be amazed by how blessed she had been to meet the amazing people that she now spent so much of her life with. Three years ago, when she'd concieved the idea to build an academy to follow in Luke's footsteps and rebuild the Order they had respected so much, she had been overwhelmed by the prospect and had very little idea how she was going to do it. However, one step at a time, and one fateful meeting at a time, she and those who followed her had found a place to call home and learned of the teachings of the Force from each other and their adventures.

As lessons concluded, Rey beckoned Reis and Ukobo over as her remaining Warden led the newer students to the cafeteria for supper. After bringing Ukobo up to speed on what she and Reis had sensed, she assigned them to investigate whatever it was that was out there.

"We don't know what this is yet, and I don't know if it is something that the two of you are ready to defeat yet. I don't need you to destroy it, just figure out what it is so that we can decide our next steps."

The two Wardens nodded.

Rey took a breath. "And if you can, please return before it gets too dark..."

Wanting her Wardens to be fed for this adventure, they had supper together with the others before Reis and Ukobo departed to seek out the potential threat. Rey and her remaining Warden then managed cleanup and evening assignments for the other students, all the while striving not to worry about Reis and Ukobo.

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