This was the part she hated. Waiting. She stood at the head of her bridge and stared out through the viewports towards the molten heap of oranges and reds slowly being swallowed by the grey and browns of that which was Mustafar. She upheld her athortive stance, chin held high, hands behind her back and legs spread at shoulder width.

Kasan wasn't one who studied her history outside of surface education the First Order provided. Mustafar was special for more than one reason though, that's why Admiral Deacon wanted to meet her here. She let out her breath that she realized she was holding, taking the moment to glance down at the sensor readings on the console in front of her.

Nothing changed. The Warhawk held its position above the Gahenn Plains with her sister ship Stromcrow holding itself forty kilometers away on the seven o'clock. As Kasan brought her gaze back up to the empty space in front of her an ensign spoke from the trench behind her left shoulder. "Eight ships just dropped out of hyperspace, formation matches Admiral Deacon's." Another spoke up from an advanced sensor position in the same trench. "The I.F.F.s match those of the Exsanguinate and the rest of Deacon's fleet ma'am."

"Maintain current position. Let the Admiral make her way here. Open a communication channel." She took a deep breath. "Admiral, it is good to see your fleet still at full strength."

"Affirmative, I have made communication with Captain Corebit." Deacon spoke with a harsh authority, Kasan could tell the Admiral was in a rush. "He is calling himself an Vice Admiral now too." There was insult towards Kasan, it was not a respectable thing to self promote yourself, but in times like these true authority came from more then just position. "He has joined Admiral Marr's fleet."

"That means they have you outnumbered now by four Battlecruisers."

"Affirmative, my forward scouts have informed me that Marr's fleet will be moving against my base on Endor. I was hoping if I could gain the assistance of your own ships Vice Admiral Sylas."

Kasan took a few moments to consider what this might entail, it was highly unlikely but not impossible for Deacon to be considering to take the Warhawk and Stormcrow purely for herself. Through assassination? No that isn't her way. Disabling Kasan's ships through front line duty enough for her to swear absolute loyalty to Admiral Deacon. Now that was most likely. "What would you be asking of me and my ships?"

"I will need you to take your ships to the Cerea system and hold them against the radiation of the gas giant there."

"That will mask my ships signals, you want me to flank Marr's fleet?"

"Affirmative, you are getting the mind for this tier of warfare quickly Vice Admiral." Kasan's heart fluttered at the complement. "Stay cloaked from the fleet and wait till they jump out of the Cerea system towards Endor then follow as quickly as you can and engage them. Target priority will be the engine systems of as many of Marr's Star Destroyers as you can. If we disable his fleet he will be forced to submit to my command."

"Understood Admiral Deacon, but what is my incentive for assisting you in this conflict?"

"I will fully recognize and I will grant you the position of Vice Admiral within my own ranks. I will take you and your forces under my command, granting you sanctuary on Endor"

Mustafar was nearly inhospitable, no one under Kasan's command enjoyed what the locals called food that her troops took in as a form of tax. Endor had livestock, clean air. A multitude of real water. "Very well, my ships will perform your assignment to the best of our abilities."

"Affirmative, Deacon out." The communication line ceased. Kasan turned around and gave a quick assessment of the bridge crew, she eyed her first officer on the right looking at her sternly waiting for a command.

"Commander, inform the Stormcrow of what I have been doing. Send them a full recording of the conversation so I can get Captain Onasi on board."

"Yes ma'am!" The commander turned away and started speaking into the trench behind him. Kasan turned back to the view of Mustafar. She let a smile grow across her face as the idea of granting her crewmates a chance at last to be whole again. The Resistance will pay for what they did. Not now, but eventually. They all will fall.

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