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Predator and Prey

A solitary civilian transport ship slipped out of hyperspace in the Western Reaches, hoping to reorient itself around an isolated star and slingshot towards another system with its valuable cargo. The ship was an ageing Foray-class blockade runner, long since disarmed and decommissioned from military use, known to its crew as the Theseus. The ship had only been in the system a few seconds before another ship dropped from hyperspace directly overhead, bearing the distinctive red markings of the Guavian Death Gang.

The Guavian captain watched from the bridge as the Theseus’ shields shattered under the power of his ship’s cannons. The young man activated the ship’s holoprojector as the two ships drew ever closer.

“Attention Theseus, this is Captain Bala-Tik of the Guavian Security Forces. Your cargo contains stolen property of the Final Order. Resisters will be shot on sight.”

Of course, Bala-Tik didn’t know if the ship’s cargo was actually stolen, but if his generous new patrons in the Final Order didn’t care, neither did he. He expected a response from the ship pleading their innocence, but was somewhat amused when the comms console picked up a distress signal instead.

“Don’ they know where they are?” he smirked, “This is the Western Reaches. No-one’s coming to save them this far out.”

The ship resounded with a metallic clang as it docked with the Theseus. Almost immediately, two Guavian enforcers readied fusion cutters and began to cut through the Theseus’ airlock. It wouldn’t take long. The airlock was quickly breached and the air was filled with blaster fire as the Theseus’ crew attempted to defend their ship...

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