Red versus Rey

The Guavian Death Gang stared in fear and surprise as a yellow lightsaber began to cut through the Theseus’ airlock. Overtaking the ship had been easy, but none of them had expected to fight a Jedi today. In the seconds of frantic anticipation that followed, Red-98 wondered how they had got to this point. A few hazy memories floated to the surface. Their training with explosives, the medcenter on Guavia, the string of run-of-the-mill pirate raids on civilian ships suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the Millenium Falcon…

The airlock collapsed with a splash of molten metal and whatever doubts Red might have had were submerged by a rising, near-suicidal bloodlust as the enemy came into view. The air filled with blaster fire as the Guavians’ cardio-vascular implants pumped them full of adrenaline, their cyborg nervous systems readying for a fight. Red fired their grenade launcher at the opening, but an invisible force plucked the projectiles from the air and tossed them straight back, vaporising several death gang enforcers and near-deafening Red with the proximity of the blast.

Red’s ears were ringing as the Jedi, a human by the looks of her, advanced into the Guavian ship, gracefully deflecting the pirates’ blaster fire with her saber. Protected behind her was a hulking Wookiee, firing explosive bolts into the mass of Guavian soldiers. As the other enforcers fell around them, Red picked up a fallen gangster’s vibroblade and charged at the Jedi. For a few seconds the two locked blades and Red was briefly surprised by the lack of anger in this woman’s face as she calmly parried their strikes. Still, the Jedi was on the back foot, and for a moment it seemed as if Red was going to hold their own, but they were quickly outmaneuvered with a feint, followed up with a swift blow to the head from the pommel of the Jedi’s saber, knocking them unconscious.

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