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Summary: Aurelian as a druid and sage is here in the prime material to do a survey of it's flora and fauna.


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Gender: Male

Age: 125 years

Group: Player

Level, Race and Class

1st level,Elf(Eladrin),Druid


S/11,D/15,C/11,I/14,W/15,Ch/10 AC13 HP8


Five foot seven inches,Golden skin, Golden hair, Pale blue eyes, about 145lbs. Dressed in plain clothes and sporting a leather jerkin for armor.


Aurelian is a sage that has recently arrived this world from the Feywild. He has traveled to the prime material to further his studies.


Cantrips(Poison spray, Thorn whip)Spells 1st Lvl(Entangle,Good berry,Thunder wave) Also as a racial ability(Eladrin)(Misty step)

Items Equipped

Short bow,20 Arrows,Scimitar,Quarter staff,Leather armor

Items Carried

Backpack,Bedroll,Clothes common,Ink(1 oz),Mess kit,Quill pen,Rations,Rope(50'),Small knife,Tinder box,Torches,Water skin,Yew wand


10 gold

DM Notes :

I do not yet have any notes for the DM

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Image of Aurelian
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