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Summary: Some say she shouldn't exist, she disagrees.

Shel Nolbul

Gender: female

Age: 27

Group: Player

Level, Race and Class

Lvl 1
Half Orc (Variant 1/2 orc. 1/2 half-elf)


14 (+2)
15 (+2)
14 (+2)
11 (+0)
14 (+2)
8 (-1)


Taller than a normal human, but slightly shorter than an Orc by quite a bit because of the elf-human half (nearly 7ft tall). black sclera, blue iris, black pupil eyes, green skin, a scar across her face and several more on her body, wears a bird skull necklace, and a black 'dress' that looks like a cross between a tank-top and a loin cloth. long black hair, full lips, two large tusks and large pointy ears that appear more elf than orc. 155 lbs


Shel's mother was the chieftain by right of her clans stronghold. The strongest of her clan. One day a very very brave (or stupid) half-elf came this stronghold. Claiming he was looking for a wife. He was promptly captured, chained to a wall and tortured for well over two weeks. Though they clan didn't kill someone this stupid the was feed, and she would ask him everyday if he gave up his stupid notion. He never did. Admiring his ballsieness, Shel's mother gave him his wish of laying with an orc. Which for someone as tiny as this half-elf was crazy. But it brought Shel into the world. She spent most of her life training to be a fighter though wasn't making as much headway as her full blood brothers and sisters. Meaning she would never be chief. Her father taught her to read and write. Her mother gave her the necklace she now wears to never forget her home.

Shortly after leaving home, during her travels she came upon a temple. They others she'd encountered would usually give her board for the night. The group however captured her. Locking her in cell, claiming she was an abomination. Her cell over looked a court year, where she'd watch monk and paladins train. Though she didn't understand every aspect of this kind of fighting she watch, and learned and used it to escape.


Unarmed Strike, Relentless Endurance

Items Equipped

Sickle, Tunic

Items Carried

Dart (10)
Mess Kit
Rations (1 day) (10)
Rope, Hempen (50 feet)
Sickle (made from a jawbone, femur, and crude wrought iron)
Worn Journal
Leatherworker's Tools


0 gold

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Image of Shel Nolbul
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