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Summary: Be on your guard, the wilds are treacherous.

Brotor the Clanless

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Player

Level, Race and Class

Level 3 Hill Dwarf Rogue Scout



Grim and severe with dark dreaded hair and bedraggled beard. He wears a weathered hooded cloak and wields two handaxes.


As a very young Dwarf, Brotor was orphaned when his family was attacked by bandits on the road. Feeling remorseful, one of the young human brigands took him in as his own son and raised him in the ruins of an old tower just off the High Road, teaching him the trade of rogues. (Father was possibly an ex Zhentarim agent)

Brotor’s adopted father swore to take him to the city and make an honest life for them.

Brotor learned to hunt with the shortbow and hand crossbow but he had always had better luck throwing axes. After many years of living off the land and scavenging from the spoils of bandits and goblins, they headed for the city. For a time they lived in Neverwinter in poverty until they were hired at an ale house. Brotor learned what he could about bartending, butchering, brewing, and working leather.

Life was good for a while, then one day the authorities came calling for his father who they executed for murder and banditry. It turned out that his previous gang was finally caught and one of them had sold out his father.

Brotor took justice into his own hands and killed the bandit, he then fled the city and never returned for fear of swift punishment.

Brotor was accustomed to life in the wilds and already knew the regions of the High Road and Neverwinter Woods and so he became a solitary Scout and woodsman. He is still a young dwarf of 43 but has made a name for himself as a mysterious vigilante who lives in and wanders the Neverwinter Woods, helping those who get lost or find themselves in distress.

He is known as Brotor the Clanless, Brotor Greenbeard, and sometimes Brotor Butcher of Bandits.


Sneak Attack

Items Equipped

Handaxe (2)
Dagger (2)
Arrows (19)

Hooded Leather Armor

Items Carried

Horn of Whiskey
Thieve’s Tools
Explorer’s Pack



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Image of Brotor the Clanless
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