This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jul 10, 2020, 7:48am

D&D but not as you know it. Much like a D&D game players will choose their actions and the DM will choose the consequences aided by dice rolls. However the dice will be blind meaning that players will not need to worry about rolling and calculating the results, they can simply play out the adventure.

Do not worry about the rules and rolls! Just create a character and jump in and the DM will hand hold you through the process. This is D&D OW style.

Creating a character : You will create a D&D Character Sheet and email it to the DM at the start of the campaign. You will start at level one and as you play your character will level up and new abilities will be made available to you. You can either advance the character yourself or ask the DM for support. DND Beyond is an excellent resource for making and advancing characters. Give it a try, its really simple and fun to use.

Only fill out your name, race and gender in the OW Character sheet and leave the others blank for now. They will be filled by yourself and the DM as you play.

Posting format : Posts should be kept short (no more than 300 words) remember the DM controls the world so posts should be limited to the thoughts, actions and words of your character. Out of combat players may write joint posts with a word limit of 600 words. These limits are not set in stone but designed to create a sense of pace in the adventure.

We encourage all players to post using OOC to allow discussion and the quick resolution of in game issues. The "OOC" letters can be deleted from the title once the button has been selected.

Always check you posts after posting as the DM may ask questions for clarification before working out the results of your actions.

Combat : There will be combat. You might die! When we enter combat the DM will roll to see in what order we post. On your turn you have a movement, action and bonus action.
Movement : to move toward or away from you opponents
Action : attack, cast a spell or perform another significant action
Bonus : Depending on you class and race you will have various options available to you to perform as a bonus action.
Players will be given 48 hours to take their turn at which point the DM will control the character and move the game along.

The Campaign : This game has a defined end. When the adventure is over the game will close. Death is also a real possibility. You may not complete the adventure with your starting character! However, should the worst happen you will be given the opportunity to roll a new character at an appropriate level for the progress made so far.

Please note : this is designed to be a fun experiment, crossing the D&D and collaborative fiction game styles. It will not be perfect and there may need to be some adjustments as we go. Helpful suggestions are encouraged throughout.