Is this the party

“Well met, Sir Sarne! So am I, which makes this indeed the carriage you seek.”
She jumps up and bows slightly to Sir Sarne, smiling friendly.
“My name is Ink-and-Quill, but please just call me Ink. I‘m looking forward to travel with you.”

As Sarne dismounts his horse gracefully you can see his crest on his sir coat showing his nobility and was about to say something.

A small, thin woman approaches them. Tucking a piece of her brown hair behind her ear she offers them a small nod. "Greetings, I will be joining you as well. My name is Ines Mayweather, cleric of Helm." They can see the giant let with the eye emblazed on the chest of her leather armor.

Sarne bows slightly back smiling and says. “It is good I travel with such beauties. I am honored to meet Adventures like you.” Straiting back up he turns to Ines. “and it’s always good to have a Cleric on a trip like this” He said.

Aurelian approaches the Oxen and takes out a book. He looks through the book until he seems satisfied with what he reads. He then opens another book and begins making notes and drawings.

“Yet another traveler?” Sarne says smiling. He looks the new arrival over “you must be a druid and what are you writing there” asks Sarne.

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