Looking Good

[15 Hits for 7 Damage]
Laurel, as the second arrow plunges into the wolf’s side it yelps and snaps one last time before falling lifeless to the ground.

“Noooo!” Klarg roars as he watches his beloved pet fall.

[13 Misses]
Klarg lashes out at Sir Sarne in a wild rage and misses. Then seeing the odds mounting against him he attempts to flee moving south into the cavern. He only makes it as far as the dead goblin however as the entanglement spell still makes the area difficult terrain.

[16 Hits for 6 Damage]
Sir Laurel, as a reaction you get an attack of opportunity on Klarg as he moves away and manage to rake his back with the point of your sword. The Bugbear is looking visibly wounded now.

[Dex 8 Fail for 7 Damage]
Ines calls down sacred flame and incinerates the last goblin. It screams out once and falls to the ground dead.

Sir Sarne you are up. Klarg is the only remaining target and he is trying to escape.

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